Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery

As an actress, we always see Sharon Stone in her fine image and attitude, with her high education she has successful in playing many of unique roles. That is why she has achieved many awards for her acting ability including a Golden Globe award. She also a former model; which achieved recognition as one of… [Read More]

Sara Jean Underwood Plastic Surgery

Sara Jean Underwood is known as a beautiful model with the perfect and sexy appearance. Especially after her constant appearance in the Playboy Magazines, people start to pay attention to her a lot. As a playmate, it is clear that she has to stay beautiful forever, which is why rumor about Sara Jean Underwood plastic… [Read More]

Robin Wright Plastic Surgery

Beautiful American Actress and also a singer Robin Wright was born at Texas in 1966 and she already in her 48 right now. She has blonde hair that makes her fans idolize her pretty appearances. Since Robin becomes an actress she also several rumors regarding her life and if you are her fans then maybe… [Read More]

Robin Meade Plastic Surgery

We see more and more news anchors with new face come up on our screen every day. This is why the old news anchor such as Robin Meade has to keep watches her current position when she does not want to be replaced by new and younger news anchor. That is why she might feel… [Read More]

Rihanna Plastic Surgery

People keeps talking about Rihanna because of her talent and singing career. Moreover, her private love life also seems to be the center of attention since her controversial relationship. But another thing that people talk about is Rihanna plastic surgery especially when her story really interesting. It seems that her singing career has been active… [Read More]

Rebecca Romijn Plastic Surgery

As a former model, Rebecca Romijn surely has done a lot of things to make sure that she still has her beautiful image and body. Especially when she is known for her perfect body that she shows in some of her movie appearances. Since an actress career is supported by their appearance, so the pressure… [Read More]

Reba Mcentire Plastic Surgery

As a country musician, Reba Mcentire takes the stage greatly with her singing ability from when she still in high school. Her record album sells in large number thus makes her name go globally. She even starts to star in many movies, television and even perform on Broadway still in relation to her music ability…. [Read More]

Paula White Plastic Surgery

As a leader and teacher, Paula White has taught many things for us through her books and appearance in a television broadcast. While working as an evangelist for her church, she constantly reminds us to be strong in the faith of Chris. This makes us inspired and high spirited to live our life happily. However,… [Read More]

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery

As a lady for a very famous and rich person, Melania Trump should feel the pressure on her appearance. That s why to appear always beautiful is something that she should always do all her live. That is because she does not want to lose her husband Donald Trump that has dumped his first two… [Read More]

LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery

Rich talent and appearance is the one that makes LeAnn Rimes famous even when she is still in her teenage age. This is why she always makes a huge effort to increase her career in any way she could. Even now when she has reached her thirty years, she still tries to maintain her beauty,… [Read More]