Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery

The beautiful looking ladies will always be waiting for by the male fan, which is why most news stations will go for women journalists to host their show. Sharon Tay is among the lucky ones to be picked on the show, where she successfully hosted two shows and makes her name rise up. Since then,… [Read More]

Shannon Elizabeth Plastic Surgery

Women always want to appear beautiful, which is why they often feel pressured and stressed because of the demand. Moreover, it would also create self cautious where women do not feel beautiful in certain parts of their body and face. That self cautious does not always to be true since some of them might actually… [Read More]

Scarlett Johansson Plastic Surgery

An American actress, Scarlett Johansson, has been rumored to take plastic surgery since long ago. This rumor starts to spread when the celebrity got a different appearance. Many people and the media speculate that she has done cosmetic surgery because of her previous pictures looked so different from her old photos. Not only that, but… [Read More]

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

As someone who is very beautiful, Paris Hilton constantly gets in the highlight, especially because she is one of the Hilton’s heirs. Her career as a model opens her way to the entertainment industry. Then she also has some roles in movies that show her other talent. Her reality show series also made the fans… [Read More]

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery

As a beautiful actress, Meagan Good has entered the entertainment industry since young. After playing as a child, it does not just make her famous, but it also gives her a chance to enter the more significant part of her career. That is why when she grows up, a more and more important role is… [Read More]

Mary McDonnell Plastic Surgery

Mary Eileen McDonnell, you may know her more by her nickname Mary McDonnell. She has rumored to have plastic surgery which helps her gain a younger look. Marry McDonnell plastic surgery rumor starts to spread when the woman appears on some occasion with a fresh and different appearance. It looks like she got some transformation… [Read More]

Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery

The beautiful American actress and singer who have Asian blood, Lindsay Price, was born at California in 1976. Maybe you know Lindsay by her role in some television drama series and television soap operas. One of the popular soap operas which she played is The Bold and the Beautiful. She already married two times and… [Read More]

Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery

A beautiful American actress that is well-known from the movie Twin Peaks and The Practice is one of many actresses that have done plastic surgery. No doubt that many celebrities do this since, as a public figure, they are forced to perform perfectly both in physical and their work. However, Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery… [Read More]

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

As one of the most influential and well-known singers in the world, Lady Gaga will try to look perfect physically in every way of her life. I believe that she always wants to look beautiful in front of her fans all around the world. Therefore, many ways are tried by Lady Gaga to satisfy both… [Read More]

Jan Crouch Plastic Surgery

Jan Crouch has spread the word of Lord through numerous television shows which makes a lot of people turn back to their faith and get a better way of living. This is why many people start to follow her, especially on many broadcasts that she has got. However to constantly appear on television surely gives… [Read More]