Park Min Young Plastic Surgery

If you love watching Korean Drama such as City Hunter, then you may know about Park Min Young, the pretty girl who plays as the female lead role in that series. Park Min Young is a Korean actress who already played various Korean dramas and appeared in various music videos such as the Korean boy… [Read More]

Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery

The beautiful American actress and singer who have Asian blood, Lindsay Price, was born at California in 1976. Maybe you know Lindsay by her role in some television drama series and television soap operas. One of the popular soap operas which she played is The Bold and the Beautiful. She already married two times and… [Read More]

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery

Katie Cassidy is not only known for her family background, where she grew in a family full of actress and actor and made her so famous at a young age. However, she also is known for her role in several popular dramas and movies, which she plays along. With this background and achievement, she has… [Read More]

Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery

If you like K-Drama then you must know about Korean actor Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin is well known for his roles in many Korean dramas such as Secret Garden, and My Name is Kim Sam-soon. He was born at Seoul in 1982 which means he is in his 32 right now. As popular Korean celebrity,… [Read More]

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery

If you are fans of Talent Show like American Idol, then you must know about Clay Aiken. He is the runner-up of American Idol who loses from Ruben Studdard, and he starts his career from it as a popular singer. Now Clay Aiken already in his 35 (he was born at North Carolina in 1978)… [Read More]

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery

Bradley Cooper is one of the most known actors since he has starred in many movies that bring him to success. Moreover, his handsome face has made a lot of women fans loves him and consider him as one of the sexiest males. His face appears very masculine which adorn with a beard to make… [Read More]

Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery

Most people will know Alexa Ray Joel because of her famous parents which also very famous. However, she quickly reaches her own fame after her success with her own singing career which makes people likes her more. Alexa Ray Joel involvement in a lot of charity event also makes people sympathize her kindness. With the… [Read More]

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

As a beautiful model, Ali Lohan has established her name inside modeling industry for a long time. Especially, since she already in the modeling industry, ever since she just 3 years old. With hard work and dedication, she managed to makes her name famous now, especially since her sister Lindsay Lohan also gains a lot… [Read More]

Yoona Plastic Surgery

Young and beautiful it is the type of words used to describe Yoona. She is a member of one of the most popular girl group in Korea; she does not only sing great but dances great. She also considers as the most beautiful girl in the band which consists of 11 beautiful members who should… [Read More]

Claire Forlani Plastic Surgery

As an actress, Claire Forlani is known for her famous roles in many of her movies, even when she is born in London, but her Italian heritage makes her beauty looks different from any other English actress. This is also one of the reason why people admire her Latin beauty since it makes her looked… [Read More]