Yoona Plastic Surgery 2024

Young and beautiful it is the type of words used to describe Yoona. She is a member of one of the most popular girl group in Korea; she does not only sing great but dances great. She also considers as the most beautiful girl in the band which consists of 11 beautiful members who should be the biggest compliment since all the girls are really in a high standard of beauty. But before of those high standards, there are people saying that Yoona plastic surgery is a fact. That is why we need to discuss this much further to know the truth behind it all. Has Yoona had plastic surgery?

Yoona Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Yoona Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Yoona Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Yoona Have Plastic Surgery?

It is actually very common thing for everyone inside the Korean entertainment industry to be suspected of doing any plastic surgery since in the country itself it is very common thing for everyone to do it.

Yoona Nose Job

People have known Yoona since her very young age, as a member of famous girl band her appearance is always remembered by her fans. The first change happened on her nose where she used to have bigger nose with larger nose bridge. However, when you see her now, we could notice that there is a slight change in her nose shape. Even though the change has been very subtle so you need to look carefully, but we could still see that she now has a smaller nose with more pinched tip and smaller nose bridge.

However, there are some of Yoona fans that do not agree with such accusation since they think that she has natural beauty. They think that the change happened because she has grown and her old image is really based on when she is too young so of course that her face would change because of her growth. Regarding to this we already asked to a professional plastic surgeon that stated that she indeed had done some surgery but it is so moderate so someone that does not have any trained eyes would not be able to recognize it.

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Yoona Jaw Surgery

Another change that you could see from Yoona happens on her jaw. From her youth, you could see that she has very big jawline which makes her face looked in square shape. However when you see her now, that all have changed and now she has slimmer jaw line with a beautiful shape which makes her face shape change into an oval shape. This is why we suspected that she might do some jaw correction procedure to change the shape of her jaw to be smoother than before so it would not be too big. This kind of change could not be done by using any other surgery since it would be too weird when that could happen naturally. This is why we could say that it comes only from surgery.

Yoona and Her Beautiful Image

Because Yoona is blessed with a beautiful image, then not many people would believe that what she has comes from natural beauty. But she really done the surgery or not; we could say that she gain high benefits from it. Especially on her career because she does not only sing but also acting, and doing those two entertainment career means that she needs to keep her beautiful image in front of her audience. And we could say that she did this greatly since her career is increasing rapidly so she is now in the top of the entertainment industry and may stay there for a long time.

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