Goo Hara Plastic Surgery 2024

We all know that plastic surgery has become somewhat of a habit for Korean people, not only for common Korean people but also for their celebrities, just like Goo Hara plastic surgery. If you are a fan of the Kara girl band, then you must know her for being one of the members. They are famous in Korea, so it is not surprising that Goo Hara’s rumour about her own plastic surgery also gained everyone’s and the media’s attention. However, it is not surprising anymore when we hear Korean celebrities have had work done. Has Goo Hara had plastic surgery?


Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Goo Hara Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Goo Hara Have Plastic Surgery? Goo Hara herself is such a beautiful girl with a pretty face and great talent. She looks so attractive and sexy, and she is an ideal person for a girl group member, just like Kara. Despite her achievement, apparently, she also has some secret behind her lovely look, and many people accused her of surgery knife for several plastic surgery procedures. But, the real question that comes to mind is whether she or not.

Maybe you do not need to compare Goo Hara before after plastic surgery pictures since the singer herself already admitted that she had several plastic surgeries in order to alter her look. In the SBS program called Strong Heart, which aired in 2010, Goo Hara was interviewed about whether she had plastic surgery, and well, she was brave enough to admit it and mentioned that she had a minor procedure on her face. We don’t know the real reason why she did that, but maybe she decided to fix her look and thus make it more beautiful than before. Of course, she was doing that to improve her look in the entertainment industry, support her career, and make her appearance flawless in front of the camera.

What Kind of Plastic Surgery Goo Hara did?

Goo Hara not only did one plastic surgery because she admitted that she had several surgeries such as nose filler, double eyelid surgery, lip augmentation, and got her teeth fixed. The details are:

Goo Hara Nose Filler

It is noticeable that Goo Hara has done something on her nose if you look closely at Goo Hara before and after pictures. Just comparing the pictures from when she was young and her recent photos, her nose looks bigger and flatter than before; however, she has a perfect nose shape that looks smaller and narrower than before. She did not mention a nose job or rhinoplasty surgery but admitted some filler on her nose to reshape it. Her new nose looks fit on her pretty face, and it’s good news that she did not overdo it.

Goo Hara Double Eye Lid Surgery

The double eyelid is a famous procedure in South Korea because Asian people are well known for their slanting eyes. This procedure will help make their eyes look bigger. Goo Hara also admitted that she has done double eyelid surgery on her eyes, making them look larger than before.

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Goo Hara Lip Augmentation

Besides the nose filler and double eyelid procedure, she also underwent lip augmentation to make her lips look juicer and fuller than before. Her thin lips now look more sexy than before thanks to the procedure which she has done.

Goo Hara Teeth Surgery

Her old pictures show that her teeth have been fixed because they look different. Goo Hara said that her boss had told her to fix her teeth, and she did it. He has better teeth than before, although some people may question how painful is to get the teeth fixed with surgery. Some people and of course, her fans hope that she does not plan to do plastic surgery anymore if she does not want to look like a plastic monster.



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