Song He Kyo Plastic Surgery 2024

Song He Kyo is a famous Korean Actress born in 1981 and known as her roles in many Korea dramas. She is popular with her beautiful and innocent face. In her age 32, she got many issue about whether she done some plastic surgery to make her looks prettier.  This is fact or just a rumor within people? We do not know for sure, but there is some proof revealed among fans that she really done several plastic surgeries. In fact, many celebrities in Korea also done plastic surgery and Korea itself known well as a country that support plastic surgery. Not only celebrities done it but also common people in their young age perform the same action.

Song He Kyo Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Song He Kyo Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Song He Kyo Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Song He Kyo Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Song He Kyo had plastic surgery? Song He Kyo plastic surgery rumors widely spread among fans and the proof that she really did it can be seen through her before after pictures. You can also compare them on your own. Many sites revealed her picture when she started her work as an actress and the pictures she looks now.

Song He Kyo Teeth Straightening

If you see the before after pictures of Song He Kyo during her early career and her picture right now, it looks like she has done some teeth straightening. Before her teeth look crooked and not too straight, and now her teeth look straighter. Many people assume that teeth straightening treatment are not a part of plastic surgery but rather as the cosmetic surgical procedure. Regardless is consider as plastic surgery or not but it seems that Song He Kyo in fact is done some teeth fixed.

Song He Kyo Eye Lid Surgery

Sometimes Korean people who have slant eyes do some eyelid surgery in order to wider the eyes and it also valid not only for Korean people but also many East Asian people who naturally born with slant eyes. Song He Kyo also suspected to done eyelid surgery. This in fact can be seems from her before after pictures. Her eyes seem widener than before and the slant eyes also diminished.

Song He Kyo Nose Job

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There are lots of people that said Song He Kyo has done some nose job. They said that her nose in an old picture is revealing wider and flat nose, and now it seems become smaller and pointed. Asian known for the naturally flat nose and some people get a nose job to sharper and smaller it.

Song He Kyo Cheek Surgery

The most well known plastic surgery done by Song He Kyo is cheek fattening. You can see in her old pictures that her cheek is flatter, but now it looks fatter and rounder. Many people said that Song He already did fat injecting for her cheek. This may be done to keep the youthful look.

What Song He Kyo Said about Her Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Despite there are a lot of rumors and issues regarding Song He plastic surgery, she keeps her mouth shut and does not want to admit it. When she asked about her fat injection and other plastic surgery treatment, she always denied it. Until now there is no exact or reliable answer whether Song He Kyo really did plastic surgeries. But in 2013, there is an old picture of her when she was a child spread among fans and from that photos people more and more convinced about her plastic surgery.

Korean famous as the country who support plastic surgery even in the younger age (at least 17) people already done plastic surgery whether for eye lift, double eyelid surgery, nose job, lips implant, and many more. Moreover, plastic surgery cost in Korea does not need a lot of money, yet it has a great result.

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