Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery 2024

Lee Hyori, who is already in her 35 years old, is a Korean singer and actress. She debuted as a member of the Korea girl group called Fin.K.L. Back then, this girl group is so famous, which makes her name gain popularity before she decided to become a solo singer. Besides becoming a singer, she also appears in several Korea reality shows and talent shows. She also a model, designer, and television host. She has married a musician too, Lee Sang-soon, in 2013 with a private wedding that the media did not allow to record it. Only families and closest friends invited to her private wedding.

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Lee Hyori Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Lee Hyori Have Plastic Surgery?

Korea is a famous country with its plastic surgery. Many Korean celebrities rumored to have plastic surgery at such a young age. Not only celebrities but plastic or cosmetic surgery is also very popular among ordinary people. It looks like plastic surgery has become a habit. You can get a great result from plastic surgery in Korea without the expensive cost. No wonder if many people in Korea are so easy to do plastic surgery and altering their faces. Unfortunately, Lee Hyori also rumored for having one. Do you surprise when hearing about Lee Hyori plastic surgery news?

Lee Hyori Surgery Rumor which Starts to Spread

Has Lee Hyori had plastic surgery? Lee Hyori is well known for her sexy voice and sexy appearance with tan skin. We do not need to question her sweet voice, but, indeed, her sexy appearance comes naturally without any aid from plastic surgery? You better bet! By compare her before after pictures, maybe you can tell us whether Lee Hyori has gone under surgery knife or not.

Lee Hyori Breast Augmentation

On her old pictures, you can see that her boobs look smaller and flat, but now her bra size seems to get bigger. Many people assumed that Lee Hyori has gone under the knife for breast augmentation or breast implant. Her boobs look rounder and bigger. Is it really just her wonderbra or maybe the way she is wearing her clothes? There is no way she can get bigger boobs in an instant without plastic surgery. Experts also try to compare her pictures on several positions. They conclude that Hyori really did plastic surgery for her breast.

Lee Hyori Eyelid Surgery

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Asian people famous with their slant eyes, and many of them have done eyelid plastic surgery to make their eyes bigger and wider. It looks like Hyori was also done something too with her face, and people suspect it that she has done eyelid surgery. Her recent pictures show wider and bigger eyes complete with double lid. She may take the double eyelid surgery, which makes her eyes look prettier.

Lee Hyori Nose Job

Hyori also rumored to have nose job plastic surgery. You can see that her nose looks smaller and pointy compared to before. The nose tip also more elevates than before. Maybe she wants to reshape her nose to become more prominent.

Lee Hyori Teeth Surgery

You may say that teeth surgery is a part of cosmetic surgery, and it seems Hyori also work something on her teeth, which people suspect to be teeth surgery. Her beautiful smile comes from her fixed teeth. The media reported that she had done teeth surgery to make her teeth shiny and straight.

Until now, Lee Hyori does not say anything about her plastic surgery rumor, but we can tell that she was really gone under knife judging from her before after pictures. Anyway, the plastic surgery gives her a more beautiful look, and at least she is not overdoing it and end up with a botched face.

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