Alex Vega Plastic Surgery 2024

This might be the current trend on young and talented artist to change her appearance. That is why we get Alex Vega plastic surgery under our eyes. This beautiful and young artist, Alexa Ellesse PenaVega, best known as Carmen Cortez because of her role, is suspected to have a lot of plastic surgery. Because we see how Alex grow on television, that is why we could really see her change from her childhood, her teens, and now during her twenties. What we could see is that her growth seems to get weirder at the moment because it makes her appearance change drastically.

Alex Vega Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Alex Vega Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

What kind of surgery Alex Vega has done? Did Alex Vega Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Alex vega had plastic surgery? The huge question about the change of her appearance might be able to avoid when she still grow. But now after the growth period has stopped, and she keeps ‘growing’, we surely want to ask why.

Breast Growth or Breast Implant

Now we look at growth indication that every girl should have which is on the breast part. We could see during the teenager time she has small breast with not so round shape even when her growth age has stopped. But then several years later she shows up wearing two pieces bikini that shows her perfect body line with even a perfect breast. How can that happen? We could only quest that she has done something to make her breast bigger. And that something is breast implant that used to give breast some shape that full and round. This is why we could see that in her newest picture only with a tiny space left on her chest.

Alex Vega Nose job

For her face area, many people suspected that she get a nose job since her nose seems different in some part. We could see that she has pointier nose, and the bottom part seems to be smaller than before. That is why we suspected that she had a nose job which changes her face appearance. Apparently we are not the only one who thinks that way since so many fans also ask the same question over and over again. Regarding this matter she has made a statement on her twitter account that saying she does not have any nose job and that she still have a little bump on her nose. If she really did a nose job she surely has got rid the old bump long ago.

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Eyelift that change Alex Vega appearance

Another thing that we notice is the appearance of the eyes, she used to have beautiful little eye with a crescent shape which is why it is not completely open. But now we see that it has changed a lot since now she has bigger eyes that completely open. It makes her crescent shape disappear which is a shame since we like her smile that completed with her eye smile. Then again, she will deny this rumor by saying it is just an eye makeup that makes her eye shape change so we could not say too sure.

Opinion About Alex Vega Before And After Plastic Surgery

Seeing her current age it is regretful if she really did all of those surgeries because she is still young and beautiful so actually she could do another natural way to make her appearance better. Indeed she also denies that she did any plastic surgery but we could see a lot of before and after picture that describe what seems like the result of plastic surgery. Now who we could trust is up to us, whether we will trust the picture that openly and clearly describe many things or we could also trust the words of an artist that we adore and love.

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