Kim Novak Plastic Surgery 2024

Kim Novak is known for her classic beauty, which she used to enter the entertainment industry in the fifties era. That is why she has successfully received many roles, which then makes her name becomes more famous, and her talent becomes known. Then a lot of offers come up to her, but she suddenly refused to do any roles again in the sixties. But even then, her beauty is something that still remembers until now. But when she suddenly comes up with a different change in her appearance, Kim Novak plastic surgery also comes up following her name.

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Kim Novak Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Kim Novak Have Plastic Surgery? Kim Novak Cheek Implant

One thing that makes people shocked when seeing Kim Novak today is that her face seems bloated and getting bigger over the years. She used to be petit women with a small face, which becomes her signature. That is why people do not expect her to come out with that big face when she becomes older. However, some expert says that the big face on her is because of the botched procedure that she has done to her face.

As someone that already in her eighties, she surely does not want to appear with a sunken cheek. This is why she is looking for some help from cheek implants to make her cheek appear plump and fresh. However, the expert says that the implant has gone wrong, and her face swelling because of the botched result. Let just hope that she does not use silicon on her cheek since silicon would not be able to wear off even after years. But when she uses other things such as juvéderm filler, then we could expect her face to come back to the normal size.

Kim Novak Chin Implant

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It seems that things that make her face appears bloated are not only come from the cheek implant. The reason is that there is also a huge change in her chin, which appears really visible. Our expert says that she has chin implants since the angle of her chin has become different, and the size of her chin has also become larger. It also might be happened because of the first implant that she has done on her cheek. It seems that she does not really work well with the implant, so we hope that she is never doing it again.

Kim Novak Botox Injection

Even when her other procedure does not work well, we can say that she gained a lot of benefits from aging treatment. Usually, people that already in eighties age has gained a lot of aging sign such as wrinkle and sagging skin all over their face. But when you see Kim Novak, you can see that she does not have any wrinkles at her skin. Her skin is still smooth, and her face even still tight without any visible sag that should be already visible on her face and neck area.

That is why we can say that Kim Novak has successfully done aging treatment on her face and neck area. Her face might be treated with Botox treatment, so she will be free from any wrinkle that might comes to her face. Her face is also treated with facelift treatment, so her sagging skin could be pulled off from her face. To complete the procedure, she might do neck lift so there would not be any turkey neck, which usually appears on people of her age. With a lot of successful aging treatment, she has been able to maintain her skin beauty and makes her look a lot younger.

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