Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery

Catherine Bell is known to be among the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood, even though she does not born in America, but her gorgeous beauty is able to take her to gain fame in this tight competition country. She even gain a role in a famous series that aired for 6 continuous years. Because of… [Read More]

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery

Ann Margret has been in the entertainment industry since the sixties, that is why most people who love to watch drama and movies will know her name. She has appeared in numerous cinema which gives her a lot of awards; she also gains recognition as a guest star in numerous series that wants to have… [Read More]

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Billy Crystal is a very amazing actor; his comedic role has given a lot of people a lot of fun. Not only adult but children also love his voice through Mike Wazowski role which very funny and famous. But just because he plays a comedic role, it does not mean he does not need to… [Read More]

Beth Chapman Plastic Surgery

If you are fans of television show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” you must know about Beth Chapman. She is married to Duane Lee Chapman, and she was born in Colorado in 1967 which makes her in 46 right now. Beth is the fifth wife of Duane Lee Chapman, and she also has Italian American blood…. [Read More]

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery

Music has been the most important part of Dolly Parton’s life; we know that since her childhood. And now we could even see her gets old and mature, that is why many people feels growing up and gets older with her. The fans even feels that they know her a lot since they pay attention… [Read More]

Alex Vega Plastic Surgery

This might be the current trend on young and talented artist to change her appearance. That is why we get Alex Vega plastic surgery under our eyes. This beautiful and young artist, Alexa Ellesse PenaVega, best known as Carmen Cortez because of her role, is suspected to have a lot of plastic surgery. Because we… [Read More]