Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery

Whitney Cummings used to be a journalist, and she does not always need to maintain her appearance. However, after she entered acting work, then she also gained a lot of attention for her appearance. Surely this makes things complicated since now she needs to appear more beautiful than usual. That is why she needs to… [Read More]

Tamra Barney Plastic Surgery

It looks like everyone loves to watch a reality show, which is why the Real Housewives of Orange County becomes a huge hit. Tamra Barney, who is starring in the show, also gains a lot of fame because she gives the audience an interesting story. That is why she even gets her own variety series… [Read More]

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery

Susan Sarandon is a beautiful actress who has been starring in many drama television and movies. Her involvement in many Broadway productions has made her name even more famous since the actress is able to do the thing that is needed by Broadway performers. That is why she needs to maintain her appearance to give… [Read More]

Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery

Stockard Channing has given her best performance in a lot of television, movies, and even on stage over the years. She has been active in the entertainment industry since the end of the sixties era. When a lot of movies are still produced in the old ways, it means their career depends on talent. Stockard… [Read More]

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

Sandra Bullock is so beautiful, and this is why she has a lot of fans over the years. Her movies show how her personality and many of her movies reach to the top of the box office. And now she has able to gain a lot of benefits from the hard work that she has… [Read More]

Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery

Working in the beauty industry means that everyone would have a high standard of beauty. This is why people in the beauty industry surely pressured to look beautiful every day. Rachel Zoe surely feels the same pressure since she has to deal with celebrities and models for her show and fashion work. Dealing with the… [Read More]

Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery

The Millionaire Matchmaker woman, another big gossip, came from Patti Stanger plastic surgery. We all know that plastic surgery procedure is a common thing which we usually hear in the celeb world. Now, Patricia Stanger, or maybe you know her more with her nickname Patti has done plastic surgery, and she opened to talk about… [Read More]

Naomi Judd Plastic Surgery

The 68 years old woman, Naomi Judd, was born at Kentucky in 1946. She is a country music singer and songwriter plus an activist for several social activities. She was born with the name Diana Ellen Judd and she already married twice. The first married is with Michael Ciminella, and she has two daughters while… [Read More]

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

It seems like the politician is not only dealing with politics but also dealing with how they looked like in the public eyes. Politician image indeed has a huge impact on their career. Still, on the overall beauty image, it should not have been too important. However, Nancy Pelosi seems to think otherwise because she… [Read More]

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith is known for her beautiful image, which is why many fans adore her appearance, and another actor also falls in love with her. With her perfect appearance, she has able to maintain her career, which she started since the late sixties, where she still plays a lot of famous roles until today since… [Read More]