Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

As a successful actress, Nicole Kidman has starred in many films her entire career life. That is what makes her name becomes more popular over the years, so more offers come to her to star in various movies. However, as a professional artist, she surely needs to pay attention to her appearance to make sure… [Read More]

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery

American Diva, Janet Jackson, is a popular singer that already started her career in the entertainment industry since long ago. She was born at Indiana in 1966 which mean she is already in her 48 right now. She is the youngest of Jackson five, and she is also a great songwriter and actress. Become a… [Read More]

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery

As a veteran actress who is already in the entertainment industry for decades, Jane Fonda is still active until now. That is of course because of her talent which makes many people admire her. With the addition of her forever beauty, she is able to captive a lot of people heart with her performances. However… [Read More]

Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery

If you love to watch Hustle long ago, then you must recognize Jaime Murray. She is an English actress who already played various films, television series, and miniseries. She was born at England in 1976 which mean she is already in her 38 right now. Moreover, she also becomes popular because of her beautiful face… [Read More]

Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery

Peter John Wagner or best known by his nickname Jack Wagner is an American singer and actor. He has a handsome face which can attract women plus brilliant acting and good voice. He was born at Washington in 1959 which mean he is in his 55 right now. With such good looking face, of course,… [Read More]

Laser Eye Surgery Cost in USA

Laser eye surgery is a procedure carried out to correct vision in people and help them get a clear vision. The surgery helps to reshape the cornea of one’s eye in order to make the light traveling through the cornea reach the retina properly. Through laser eye surgery, people can get clearer vision with minimum… [Read More]

Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery

Elsa Patton became more famous after her daughter Marysol Patton gain publicity through her variety show. Since Elsa Patton also featured a lot of time with her daughter she also gains more popularity and becomes famous at the same time, she even considers as the main star of the variety show since many people feel… [Read More]

Diane Lane Plastic Surgery

Diane Lane has the perfect classic beauty, so she is put side by side with the most beautiful Grace Kelly. That is why she able to perform in lots of notable production that gives her a lot of high-level awards. Her perfect beauty also continues to adore the big screen in the important role even… [Read More]

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery

The cute and lovely character is something that Fan Bingbing always plays in her role. That is because she has a beautiful image which makes everyone loves her so much. The magazine has also admitted her beauty; she also gains a lot of awards not only in China but also in another country. That is… [Read More]

Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery

Greta Van Susteren life as a lawyer and criminal expert bring her to fame after she becomes a commentator in some news channel. And because of her fame, she also gets her own private show which she hosts using her name as the name of the show. Moreover, her knowledge and ability have gained her… [Read More]