Linda Thompson Plastic Surgery

When someone always surrounded by beautiful and handsome people, they surely want to appear as beautiful as the other people that surround them. This also applies to Linda Thompson that used to surrounds by beautiful Kardashians family before her divorce with Bruce Jenner. Even though she already past her sixty years we could see that… [Read More]

Kwanghee Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not an uncommon thing in South Korea; the one uncommon is when someone openly admitted that they have done plastic surgery. Especially when that someone comes from the entertainment industry, this should be a rare thing to do because they would be embarrassed when their fans know about their plastic surgery past…. [Read More]

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery

When someone lives in a very extravagant life, they surely able to do anything they pleased for any reason they want. This is why Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery is done because she loves her husband so much. Jocelyn Wildenstein and her husband are known for their loves in big cat. That is why she want… [Read More]

IU Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has been the part of women life especially when they live in the entertainment industry. They need to look beautiful, so they are willing to do anything to get all of the help needed to transform them into perfect beauty. And this kind of thing does not only happen in the American entertainment… [Read More]

Gina Gershon Plastic Surgery

Did Gina Gershon have plastic surgery? There are lots of celebrities doing plastic surgery in order to make their shape face better, or as an anti-aging treatment, and few celebrities have done it because of healthy problems. Gina Gershon is another celebrity that we suspect did some plastic surgery. Gina Gershon is an American actress… [Read More]

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery

Music has been the most important part of Dolly Parton’s life; we know that since her childhood. And now we could even see her gets old and mature, that is why many people feels growing up and gets older with her. The fans even feels that they know her a lot since they pay attention… [Read More]

Ciara Plastic Surgery

Ciara is a very talented young singer who began her career in a very young age of seventeen years old. But now she is in her twenties going thirties and she still beautiful as ever. It seems that however the time flies, it does not affect her at all since she would be young and… [Read More]

Christine Baranski Plastic Surgery

Christine Baranski is American actress and Broadway performers that start her career in the early seventies and still active even today. She even won Emmy and Tony awards because of her great acting ability. What more important is that she is a very beautiful women with great attitude and personality. That is why she has… [Read More]

Christa Miller Plastic Surgery

It is not uncommon for an actress to denies any rumor that they get when their appearance is changing. But that does not prevent the fans to question especially about Christa Miller plastic surgery. Her fans even argue about it because some of them think that the result of plastic surgery is fabulous, but some… [Read More]

Cheryl Ladd Plastic Surgery

When you think about Charlie’s Angel you surely think about beautiful girls that star the television series. Then how are the actresses doing after a few decades passed from the film? We could say that they are still beautiful, especially Cheryl Ladd, who still beautiful even in her sixties. But do not mention about her… [Read More]