Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery 2024

The cute and lovely character is something that Fan Bingbing always plays in her role. That is because she has a beautiful image which makes everyone loves her so much. The magazine has also admitted her beauty; she also gains a lot of awards not only in China but also in another country. That is why many people also want to be as beautiful as her, but some might also become envy to her success and fame. This is why they continue to search for Fan Bingbing plastic surgery proof which may explain why she could be very beautiful.

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Fan Bingbing Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Fan Bingbing Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Fan Bingbing had plastic surgery? Because of her continues fame ever since she young, people could see the change that she has in her appearance. This is why the rumor comes out because people start to compare the look that she has then, with the look that she has now.

Fan Bingbing Eyelid Surgery

First, we see that Fan Bingbing is a Chinese descendant which means she should have small eyes which become the signature of Chinese people. We could also see this in her old picture when she has just started the production of her film. However, when you see her now, we could clearly see that now she has very big eyes which should not be possible. This would not be gained with anything that natural, even the use of makeup would not be able to make her eyes becomes as big as she has now. That is why the only thing that could make it possible is just eye surgery. It is suspected that she has used double eyelid surgery so her eyes would be more open than before thus makes the size bigger and become more beautiful. And we see the result that she gets is really amazing.

Fan Bingbing Nose Job

It does not mean that Fan Bingbing has a snub nose. However she did has very big nose especially on the bottom part, and her nose bridge is also wide as you could see in her old film when she has just started her acting career. But then it all starts to change because now she has a pointy nose with smaller size and slimmer nose bridge. That is why we could say that she might do nose surgery to achieve such result. We think that the result is really done a great thing to her because her face looked better and more beautiful with her new nose she gets.

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Fan Bingbing Chin Implant

Another thing that we could see on Fan Bingbing is the change that she has on her chin, she used to have normal chin which is not very pointy; however, as we could see, now she has very pointy chin which looked very protruding. This should not be possible when she does not have it in the old days, then how could it suddenly comes out. That is why the only answer is because she has put on chin implant to her face. But we could see that the implant does great on her, it even change her whole face shape appearance because now her face appears longer and in an oval shape.

Statement of Fan Bingbing

When asked about all of those rumors Fan Bingbing quickly denies it and says that she still all natural. She even once put sue on one plastic surgery clinic because they use her picture to gain more customer. Obviously she won the court, but that does not mean she really not done all of that surgery. However, the truth still could not be uncovered and only her knows if that rumor true or not.

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