Tina Fey Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Stamatina Fey, or maybe you know her more by her nickname Tina Fey is an American actress and comedian. She already played in many films and television series such as 30 Rock from 2006 to 2013, and Mean Girls with actress Lindsay Lohan. She also becomes a producer and writer. She married Jeff Richmond… [Read More]

Sally Field Plastic Surgery

We can always get the latest news about celebrity’s plastic surgery which seems to become a common thing. Because of the hard pressure to live in the entertainment industry, celebrities are always gone under surgery knife to survive and to maintain their perfect appearance. Sally Field is known as an American actress, great singer, screenwriter,… [Read More]

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

It is an obvious thing that Megan Fox is indeed a beautiful lady, that is why she could captivate her transformer movie fans to adore her. She also works as a model which gives her a huge result, and she gains recognition as a sex symbol from a lot of popular magazines. However, she also… [Read More]

Marry Steenburgen Plastic Surgery

Mary Steenburgen looks aging gracefully with minimal sign of plastic surgery in her 61. No wonder she gets title as a woman over 50 who still looks beautiful. Yes, she is in her 60, but her face looks ten younger than her actual age. So, you can judge her age just by looking on her… [Read More]

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery

Sexy and beautiful is what you are going to say when you look at Mariah Carey, American diva who born at New York in 1970. Mariah, as a singer and songwriter, has a sweet voice and memorable songs from time to time. She is also life as a great actress from several films that she… [Read More]

Madonna Plastic Surgery

The question did Madonna had plastic surgery has been a hot issue to talk to many people since Madonna is a very famous public figure. Madonna is an American singer, actress, songwriter, and businesswoman who is very influential. She has been an inspiration for many singers and musicians. Born in 1956, Madonna now lives in… [Read More]

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery

As someone who constantly appears on a different show, Kate Gosselin gets more popular over the years. With reality series and her eight children, surely her life is very busy. However, a busy life does not mean she would not pay attention to her beauty. On the contrarily, ever since she appears on the small… [Read More]

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

As a friendly and beautiful actress, Jennifer Aniston is widely recognized by many people. Her sweet smile is what makes everyone melts when they saw a lot of her romantic drama comedy which she plays on the big screen. That is why she has earned recognition as one of the most beautiful women in the… [Read More]

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery

Hillary Clinton is a great and smart former first lady of the United States. Even though she already not becomes one, she still enjoys joining politic activities and becomes secretary of state for five years starts from 2009 to 2013 under President Barrack Obama. She married Former President, Bill Clinton and from their marriage, they… [Read More]

Laser Eye Surgery Cost in USA

Laser eye surgery is a procedure carried out to correct vision in people and help them get a clear vision. The surgery helps to reshape the cornea of one’s eye in order to make the light traveling through the cornea reach the retina properly. Through laser eye surgery, people can get clearer vision with minimum… [Read More]