Gina Gershon Plastic Surgery

Did Gina Gershon have plastic surgery? There are lots of celebrities doing plastic surgery in order to make their shape face better, or as an anti-aging treatment, and few celebrities have done it because of healthy problems. Gina Gershon is another celebrity that we suspect did some plastic surgery. Gina Gershon is an American actress… [Read More]

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery

Music has been the most important part of Dolly Parton’s life; we know that since her childhood. And now we could even see her gets old and mature, that is why many people feels growing up and gets older with her. The fans even feels that they know her a lot since they pay attention… [Read More]

Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a common thing to do especially inside the entertainment industry. The reason is because everyone in the entertainment industry should always preserve their beauty appearance. Nevertheless, it is still heartbreaking to see any artist that used surgery to maintain their beauty or even change the way they look. That is why the… [Read More]

Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery

When ordinary people enter the entertainment world, we could see a huge change in their life. Especially in their appearance, of course, some may say that it is because of professional makeup that they get on the stage, but some changes are too obvious to ignore including Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery. Aubrey Morgan O’Day was… [Read More]

Beverly D’Angelo Plastic Surgery

Stay young in sixties years of age that surely become the dream of all people. But sadly not all people could achieve easily. To get young appearance in mature age, it needs not only good genes but also some treatment. One of those treatments is Beverly D’Angelo plastic surgery that we could see that she… [Read More]

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery

Not many celebrities plastic surgery is as shocking as Amanda Lepore plastic surgery. The reason is not that she does it to change her sexuality but that she does it in the age of nineteen years old. Amanda was born as Armand Lepore, but she admit that she knows she should be a woman instead… [Read More]