Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery 2024

Once again, we hear about a celebrity that rumored to take plastic surgery, and now it came from Nikki Cox, who sadly ends with a botched face because of wrong plastic surgery results. Nikki Cox plastic surgery is what we can say to a failed surgery. She may want to alter her look by choosing plastic surgery, but the surgery did not work well on her. Her face is unrecognizable due to overdone plastic surgeries. She has a perfect career before, and now because of her bad surgeries result, her career starts to climb down. What happened to her exactly?

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Nikki Cox Before And After Plastic Surgery

Has Nikki Cox had plastic surgery? Nicole Avery Cox, or maybe you know her more with her nickname Nikki Cox, is an American actress who plays various films and television series such as Nikki and Unhappily Ever After. She was born at California in 1978 and married Jay Mohr in 2006 until now. Well, it is not surprising if there is a Hollywood celebrity undergo plastic surgery, but what makes it sad is if there is a celebrity who overdid the procedure and ended with the result which far from expectation and Nikki Cox is the example of that case. Maybe Nikki wants to alter her already beautiful face, but then the outcome is like a nightmare for her. Many of her fans disappointed with her decision to take plastic surgery. She is better without those procedures.

Did Nikki Cox Have Plastic Surgery?

Nikki has rumored to take not only one procedure but several plastic surgeries. Her previous images show how beautiful she is without plastic surgery. We already know that Nikki is showing the aging signs in her 30, but her decision to take cosmetic surgery is wrong, and you can see her recent appearance, which looks so bad and unnatural. What kind of plastic surgeries which she has done?

Nikki Cox Botox Injection

The Botox injection is an aging treatment which used to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. If this plastic surgery is done in the right amount and procedure, then it will result in a great appearance by making a face looks younger and fresh. Unfortunately, that’s not happening with Nikki’s face since she looks unnatural, and it looks like she has done too much injection on her face. It is true that her skins become smoother and flawless, but once again, it makes her face frozen and botched.

Nikki Cox Face Fillers

The fillers which injected in Nikki’s face make her face swollen, and her smile looks weird. The filler helps to remove aging signs and make it fuller, but Nikki filler procedure makes her look awful.

Nikki Cox Lip Implant

You may notice that Nikki’s lips are different compared to her past images. Yes, she has done a lip implant, but the process seems wrong because her lips look odd and too bigger for her face. She maybe wants to make her thin lips look plump and juicy, which sadly end in the opposite result. Her lips look swollen and gone wrong.

Nikki Cox Breast Implant

Nikki Cox also rumored to take a breast implant in order to increase her cup size. You can definitely see when she wears an open neck dress that her breast looks bigger than before.

What did Nikki Cox say regarding Her Plastic Surgery Rumor?

 Nikki did not say anything regarding her bad plastic surgeries result, and she keeps silent. The media said that maybe she wants to keep for herself the story and disappointed result of plastic surgeries, which affect her career life in a negative way.

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