Shakira Plastic Surgery 2024

Who does not know Shakira? She is a beautiful Colombian singer as well as a great songwriter, model, choreographer, dancer, and producer. Many people become fans of her because she always shows amazing performance with her sweet voice. She was born at Colombia in 1977, and it means she is 43 years old. The media always follows Shakira’s activities from time to time, and she also has numerous scandals and rumors regarding her life. One rumor that ever hit Shakira is about her plastic surgery issue.

Shakira Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Shakira Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Shakira Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Shakira Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Shakira had plastic surgery? Many people suspect that Shakira plastic surgery rumor is maybe possible since she looks so different compared to her appearance before. You can see her transformation in the past few years by comparing her before after pictures. The pictures will tell you whether Shakira really has plastic surgery done or not. The Colombian singer, Shakira rumored to have gone under surgery knife for several plastic surgeries such as:

Shakira Tummy Tuck Surgery

The rumor about Shakira has done tummy tuck, or liposuction surgery is right after she gives birth to her baby, Milan. We all know that women’s bodies after giving birth cannot become flat and slim instantly. You can lose some fat after giving birth, but it will take a longer time. That makes people suspicious if Shakira possible took liposuction is because not long after she gives birth. Her fat belly suddenly becomes slim and sexier again, the same way as before she is pregnant. Actually, besides doing liposuction, Shakira always maintains her body weight with regular exercise such as Zumba dance. But, because of her schedule is very tight, she cannot afford her regular exercise during and after pregnancy. Therefore, many people said that Shakira took liposuction to regain her slim body in a faster time.

Shakira Butt Implant

Shakira is famous for her Zumba dance, and typically it is done with some of her butt shakes, which make her look so hot and sexy. On her before after pictures, Shakira butt seems bigger than before. You can compare it yourself with her old photos when she dances. The experts also said that she has gone under a surgery knife for buttock.

Shakira Botox Injection

In her 30, she may be aware of his looks, and that is why she needs Botox injection to get rid of aging signs like wrinkles and frown lines, which start to appear on her beautiful face. Many celebrities also did Botox treatment regularly since they assume it is the most effective way to maintain a youthful look. At least, Shakira looks like she did not overdo the surgery procedure. Her face, even though free from wrinkles, still looks natural, and she also has a pretty smile. It is better if celebrities do not overdo Botox injection if they do not want to end with a botched and frozen face.

Shakira Nose Job

You can try to compare her old pictures in 2005 with her recent pictures, and then you may notice that her nose shapes seem different. Yes, many people who see this suspect that Shakira has done nose job surgery procedure to reshape her nose. Previously, she has wide and large nose shape, but now it turns smaller and pointy. Her nasal and nose tip went higher and narrowed.

Shakira Breast Implant

Years before, Shakira admitted that she plans to have a breast implant to maintain her look in public, but she tries to forget it and accept that nobody is perfect. But, it looks like Shakira finally done it because there is some rumor which spread that Shakira boobs look bigger than before as the result of breast implant.

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