Eminem Plastic Surgery 2024

The famous Rapper, Eminem who has a lot of scandals was born at Missouri in 1972. His real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, but he goes by the name Eminem, and he also came from Detroit, Michigan. He is a really great songwriter, and he also writes several songs based on his own life. Many people and his fans know about his controversy, gossips, and scandals during his careers such as drug issue or homophobia issue and again one of the hottest topics is about Eminem plastic surgery.

Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Eminem Before And After Plastic Surgery

Has Eminem had plastic surgery? Eminem may be can impress many people with his unbelievable song and with the way his rap, but surely the result of his plastic surgery did not turn so well, and it does not impressive at all. When he shows up with a different face and make fans wonder “what’s wrong with his face” because he is really unrecognizable. So, what kind of plastic surgery which has done by Eminem?

Did Eminem Have Plastic Surgery?

You need to compare his before after pictures to make sure whether the Eminem who gone under surgery knife is true or false. Anyway, you do not need to stare that much on his face because he has noticeable plastic surgery result. Rumor said that he had done the surgeries to make his face younger and to maintain his youthful look.

Eminem Botox Injection

Botox is a well-known treatment to get rid aging signs, and there is a lot of celebrities who have done this kind of treatment along with other procedure such as a facelift. It seems Eminem also take the procedure too since he has free wrinkle face which odd compared with his real age. He is already in his 42, but his face looks smoother and flawless. He maybe looks younger, but it makes his face frozen and unnatural plus unrecognizable. It looks like Botox did not give his best appearance.

Eminem Facelift Surgery

Eminem skins seem to get some facelift judging by his tighten face, and you can barely see some aging signs like wrinkle and fine lines around his forehead. Usually, celebrities who have done Botox also go for a facelift, and it looks like Eminem also wants to complete the tradition. Besides facelift, Eminem also rumored to get a brown lift for his face.

Eminem Eyelid Surgery

If you pay attention carefully, then you will notice Eminem’s eyelid seems to change a bit. The wrinkle around his eyes disappears and changes into smoother and free wrinkle skins. There are no fine lines on his eye anymore.

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Eminem Chin Augmentation

Eminem has been rumored to get chin augmentation too because his chin looks more prominent and symmetrical.

Eminem Hair Transplantation

There is a lot of aging man who have bald or hair fall problem, and it makes they did hair transplantation. It looks like Eminem also gone under the knife for some hair transplantation because his hair looks thickener.

Eminem Surgery Conclusion

Eminem never gives a clear explanation or enough response to his plastic surgery rumor. It seems he wants to hide the truth regarding his plastic surgery, but media already showed and believe that Eminem is really gone under the knife. There also different opinion regarding Eminem surgery and why his appearance looks different. Some people said that it is because Eminem bad habit in the past such as drugs addiction which causes his face texture looks change. The stress also makes Eminem appearance looks different. Those who stated to know Eminem said that Eminem already overcame his drugs problem and his change is because of his new lifestyle. How about you? Do you believe what they said?

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