Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery 2024

If we take a look closer we will see the difference between Adrienne Bailon face when she debut and her current face. Adrienne Eliza Bailon is a talented singer and artist that raised her name when she becomes the member of 3LW and The Cheetah Girls. On the fashion side, she also releases her own nail polish brand called fingertip fetish. What is interesting about this nail polish is that she made it with completely vegan proved material; furthermore she also said that she does not use any animal testing for it. But then people pay more attention to her face more than her nail polish brand when she have pulled hairdo in a red carpet event. So, is it hair do or Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery?

Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020


Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

What kind of surgery Adrienne Bailon has done? Did Adrienne Bailon Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Adrienne Bailon had plastic surgery? Some people argue about it whether it is really a plastic surgery or it is just her hairdo that pulled too tight. Both might be true, but we think that her hairdo is the one that makes her plastic surgery more visible to us.

Adrienne Bailon Nose job

First we could look at her nose, on the before photos we could see that she has a big nose with large bridge. But on the after photos we could see that she has more shaped nose that she does not have before, and her bridge also seems narrower than before. Her nose job has been rumored many times before. But as you could see that there are many kinds of proof that we could find, especially when she pulled her hair that makes it more obvious.


Next, we need to see her skin. We could see that in her thirties she still have very beautiful skin. Well, it is still normal for someone at her age, but something that is not normal is that she seems to have Botox injected into her skin. You could see this from the skin that looked too tight which is not a normal thing to anyone. But then the procedure also makes her skin looked smooth and fresh every day, moreover her skin appearance looked stunning and beautiful which may be why she did it.

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Eye surgery

When we see her eyes, we could also see some change in the shape of her eyes. Now we could see that her eyes looked bigger than before. That is why we suspected that she had done an eyelift surgery. This surgery is done to open the eyes to be wider than before. That is why we could see the effect on her eyes that looked like doll eyes that different from her old half closed eyes.

Adrienne Bailon Boob Job

Now we move on to the biggest thing about plastic surgery that is the breast surgery. As you can see from the old photos, she has small sized breast with not too round shape. But now as we could see from her recent photo, she seems to have bigger breast. Moreover, the shape of her breast also seems to change. We could see that her breast is now round and full. This could not be possible since there is no normal thing that could ever do that. That is why we are sure that she adds some implant to her breast because this is the only thing that could make the change happened.

Opinion About Adrienne Bailon Before And After Plastic Surgery

We see that it is not just Adrienne Bailon’s face, but also her body shape that changes. As an artist and singer it is a normal thing regarding her career is on the stage. It’s a prove that plastic surgery can changes Adrienne appearance becomes more beautiful than before.

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