Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery 2024

When ordinary people enter the entertainment world, we could see a huge change in their life. Especially in their appearance, of course, some may say that it is because of professional makeup that they get on the stage, but some changes are too obvious to ignore including Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery. Aubrey Morgan O’Day was the winner of Making the Band; this is a reality show produced by MTV where Sean Combs become one of the judges. During this show, we could see the pure appearance of Aubrey O’Day that at that time only wore little makeup. But now we could see the change in her appearance.

Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Aubrey ODay Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024


What kind of surgery Aubrey O’Day has done? Did Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery?

Although she likes to talk a lot, but she seems very closed about her plastic surgery since she does not want everyone to know about it. Then again, the famous before and after Aubrey O’Day could tell you all about it.

Aubrey O’Day Lip implants

First we could look at her lips area; there we could see a change in her lip size that become plumper than before. This makes her looked sexier with her full lips on. We could clearly see this on her pout lips that do not seem change even in that condition. This is not a normal thing since your lips should wrinkle a little bit when pouting, right? That is why we could easily presume she has at least collagen injected into her lips which result in bigger and larger lips.

Aubrey O’Day Breast implants

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The next implant that she does is on her breast. We could clearly see from her 2005 photos with her old band Danity Kane that she has small size breast that she rarely shows. But now after she broke up with the band she seems to be more open especially in the breast area. That is why we notice there are a lot of change in the size and shape of her breast. We could easily see that her breast become fuller and bigger that is why we say she should have get breast implant on. The change in her size is too obvious that she change the size of her cups into 34D size. She does not have this size before. She does not have a round shape that she has right now and her breast never looked so wide before, that is why we could be sure about the implant.

Aubrey O’Day Butt implant

Going under we should try to see her butt size and shape. When you want to find a picture of it, you could easily go to find selvies that Aubrey O’Day took herself. On those selvies, she seems to focus more on her back aka her butt area. It seems that she is so proud of the butt implant result that makes her want to show it off to the world. Regarding to this matter, she did not denies but she also did not say it is true. But judging from the change of the size and shape, that seems become rounder and bigger to add her sex appeal it might be true that she gets one.

Opinion About Aubrey O’Day Before And After Plastic Surgery

Has Aubrey O’Day had plastic surgery? No matter what implant that Aubrey O’Day has to her face and body, but she always seems so confidence and proud about it. This is why she becomes more and more beautiful; adding to that her career also seems to rise quickly so we could say that her plastic surgery really does her great thing. This is may be the reason why she does it, with a beautiful result you could not ask her not to do it especially because of the money flow from it.

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