Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery

Nigella Lawson is a talented chief since she could make such a delicious dish. It makes her very famous since she also sells her recipe through a television cooking program and books. However, it seems like she also likes to eat a lot, so she gains a lot of weight lately. Aside from that beauty… [Read More]

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery

The famous co-anchor of ABC’ Good Morning America has been rumored that she has done plastic surgery. The issue of Lara Spencer plastic surgery spread out after some people wondering how she still looks very young in spite of her age. Just for you know that her role in Good Morning America show has made… [Read More]

Sridevi Plastic Surgery

Besides the Hollywood, there is another big entertainment industry called Bollywood. This industry is actually the same as in Hollywood thus given the name Bollywood; the difference is that the Bollywood industry is originally from India. But everything inside this industry is still the same, all movies and drama, beautiful actress and actor, and even… [Read More]

Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has been a part of celebrity career especially when they have a beautiful image; they surely could not avoid people’s judge that the beauty the celebrity have comes from plastic surgery. This is what happened to Mila Kunis plastic surgery which comes out after they see some difference in her appearance. Mila Kunis… [Read More]

Holly Hunter Plastic Surgery

Whenever someone sees a beautiful actress, they always ask does that beauty is real, or they are made from plastic? This is why rumor about Holly Hunter plastic surgery come up since she is really beautiful even today. She is born in the fifties and has become an actress for so long; that is why… [Read More]

Gillian Anderson Plastic Surgery

As a drama actress, Gillian Anderson surely wants to look beautiful when she appears in any television series, which is why a lot of drama fans love her. But that does not mean drama would only appear in television series since Gillian Anderson plastic surgery subject come up; it became a drama in her real… [Read More]

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery

When we take a look at those celebrities lineup, we could easily see that celebrity face has changed a lot every passing moment. That might be why many people are suspecting them to have a plastic surgery. One suspicion that comes out to us is Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery. She is a young rising singer and… [Read More]