Chuck Norris Plastic Surgery

We all know Chuck Norris’s dedication to martial arts is really big. This is why he was able to gain different ranks in numerous martial arts fields. He also uses his ability in martial arts in his movies, where he plays the main role as the hero and has done a lot of great things… [Read More]

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Who does not know Tom Cruise? He is a great actor as well as a producer. He has already played in several movies and films, and if you are a fan of Mission Impossible Movies, then you can see how great his talent is in the entertainment industry. Tom was born at New York in… [Read More]

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery

Sylvester Stallone has great skills in acting. This is why he received a lot of recognition and made his name famous. He also made his name become famous for his role as “Rocky.” And even now, he still continues to repeat his success by making another great movie series. However, if he wants to come… [Read More]

Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery

Shemar Moore’s career has started in the nineties era, where he gained a lot of important roles in television series. Until now, his involvement in television still continues until today. This is why his name has become famous in the entertainment industry. However, that fame also comes with the pressure to give his best effort… [Read More]

Sean Patrick Flanery Plastic Surgery

The handsome actor Sean Patrick Flanery was born in 1965 at Louisiana. Maybe you know him from films and movies such as Indiana Jones, Saw 3D, The Young and the Restless, and so on. As a Hollywood actor, he also gets several gossips and issues; one of the hottest rumors is about Sean Patrick Flanery… [Read More]

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery

Robert Redford is known for his concern for Indies movies after he creates one of the best film festivals in the world named Sundance. He also involved in directing, producing, and staring several films by himself. His heart and devotion surely come for his entertainment industry career. That is why he willing to do anything… [Read More]

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

It is so interesting when someone plastic surgery going bad and becomes a hot topic, especially if the news is about some Hollywood celebrities. Ray Liotta is for the example of what we call failed plastic surgery. Unfortunately, not all plastic surgery result turns great since there is a lot of celebrities who overdo it… [Read More]

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke is known for his handsome face, which makes him successful in the acting career. However, shockingly he quits his acting career to go on the ring for boxing career instead. Of course, this new career choice also makes a huge success for him; however, this decision makes his fans feel shocked. After a… [Read More]

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Korean pop or better known as K-Pop and Korean drama, has become very influential entertainment around the world. The perfect look of the Korean celebrity has hypnotized their fans. It is also not a secret anymore that plastic surgery also has become a trend in Korea. Many Korean celebrities have gone under the knife to… [Read More]

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery

Many Korean drama lovers know anything about Kim Hyun Joong. This perfect flower boy has made himself famous with not only the great acting ability but also a handsome face. Of course for Korean filming industry as other entertainment industry in the world, their apperance or looks is everything. That is why Kim Hyun Joong… [Read More]