Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery 2024

Mickey Rourke is known for his handsome face, which makes him successful in the acting career. However, shockingly he quits his acting career to go on the ring for boxing career instead. Of course, this new career choice also makes a huge success for him; however, this decision makes his fans feel shocked. After a few years in the boxing industry, he also appears with a lot of changes in his appearance. That is why Mickey Rourke plastic surgery is alleged to be the reason for his transformation. Has Mickey Rourke had plastic surgery?

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Mickey Rourke Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Mickey Rourke Have Plastic Surgery?

Mickey Rourke’s decision to go on the boxing ring is courageous, seeing the risk that he had to go through while fighting on the ring. Furthermore, he also temporarily quit his acting career, which has given him a huge success, and it is not made any sense to his fans.

Mickey Rourke Facelift Surgery

The risk of boxing eventually could not be avoided by Mickey Rourke; that is why he gets much damage in his face because of a lot of hits at boxing. For his face, he said that his nose had been broken twice while his cheek has been crushed. With so much damage in his face, now he needed some reconstructive job to do. This is why he searches for the help of plastic surgery. However, the reason for his plastic surgery is because he wants to get his old face back and not to change his face condition.

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Sadly the damage in Mickey Rourke is not getting better because he experiences plastic surgery gone wrong. It appears that he has chosen a bad plastic surgeon who makes the damage appear even worse because of the botched result. The surgery makes his nose appear bloated even though his nose bridge has been fixed. His skin also appears pale and too white for him, and it also becomes too stretched. His smashed cheek also not constructed perfectly makes it appear sag while this also makes his whole face appear bloated. That is why he has done plastic surgery not only once but multiple times to seek the right plastic surgeon who could give his old face back.

Mickey Rourke Reconstructive Effort To Gain His Handsome Face Back With Surgery

Luckily this year, Mickey Rourke gets what he wants from his surgery. It seems after constantly move from one surgeon to another surgeon; he finally gets the right surgeon to treat his condition. And now his nose appears in normal shape, and his skin has been toned perfectly. The surgery result is very natural, which shows how skilled the plastic surgeon is. They know what he wants is not a small nose, which appears like another model nose that Hollywood love. He wants the natural-looking appearance with the perfect size, which is not too small but not too big either.

Mickey Rourke has struggling to find the best surgeon to fix his appearance that comes from the result of his boxing damage. The addition of botched results it makes the damage becomes worsen. After he finally gets the right surgeon, he proudly talks about his plastic surgery in a lot of shows that he comes. It shows how happy he is with his ‘new’ old appearance back. And this look surely makes his career becomes more promising in the future, and we hope that he would not get any other damage in his future boxing competition since he decides to go back to boxing.

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