Anna Faris Plastic Surgery 2024

Has Anna Faris had plastic surgery? As a singer and artist, Anna Faris has done a lot of plastic surgery to be able to change her looks and become even more beautiful. Anna is known for her role in a hit movie series the Scary Movie where she play a comedic role in the comedy remake of horror movies because she looks gorgeous in it. That is why many people speculate about her appearance and continuously asking whether she did surgery or not. But she makes a huge commotion when she admits Anna Faris plastic surgery to her breast and why she did it.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

What kind of surgery Anna Faris has done? Did Anna Faris Have Plastic Surgery?

Breast Implant

Regarding this procedure, we should take a look at more personal matter of Anna marriage. As we know, she keeps getting more and more famous, apparently her marriage life gets the opposite effect since her husband could not deal with it. Then finally they end up in a divorce on February 2008. After the divorce, she wants to enjoy her live more and want to make her appearance better so she could feel good about herself once again. That is why she gets an implant for her breast, which we could see very clearly. She even say openly about the procedure on one interview with a magazine.

Lips augmentation

Another procedure that she also openly said is that she gets lips augmentation to make her lips bigger as the trend that people like that time. But she did it because of her role as Shelley Darlington in a movie named The House Bunny. However, we could not be too sure whether she removes it afterward or not, but since she did in for a role everyone say that it is a common thing to do.

Skin procedures

If we look closer, we could see that Anna Faris still has beautiful skin and like any other artist before her, she surely does not want to have any wrinkle in her skin. That is why we suspected that she at least get a Botox injected into her skin. That is why we could not see any sign of aging on her forehead and lips area.

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You should know that once you change your nose shape you will have the entire different look. This is why most celebrity does a rhinoplasty procedure compared to the other procedure. And that is why Anna also does this procedure so she could get her appearance enhanced. We think that the procedure she took really successful since we could see that she reshape her nose in very nice way so that it could match well with her whole appearance.

Chin Implant

If you could be more carefully, you could see the different shape of Anna Faris has on her debut days with her face shape today. See that she has rather perfect shape now compared to an earlier time. Most people will say that this is because has done a tight diet, but we think otherwise. The only way people could achieve such dramatic change is only by doing a chin implant procedure.

Opinion about Anna Faris Before And After Plastic Surgery

For Anna, plastic surgery seems to be a tool that she uses to maintain her youth and not necessarily to change her appearance to unrecognizable one. Which is a normal thing seeing so many new stars coming out on television and movie theater. As an artist or celebrity, they have to maintain their fresh look if they want to keep famous in this industry.

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