Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery

You might now Wendi Deng as the rich and famous, with all the money she gets from leaving her second husband which is the right mogul from the news industry. However, that is not the only thing she famous for because she also has a lot of controversies in her life, especially about Wendi Deng… [Read More]

Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery

You surely love Cheri Oteri because of her comedy roles that are very funny to watch. Through that role, she has gained a lot of attention from fans that feel weird why such beautiful women willing to do comedic roles. But that is not all; she also begins her more serious acting career by staring… [Read More]

Alyssa Milano Plastic Surgery

Alyssa Milano‚Äôs charm could not be denied by anyone who sees her performance and appearance. Not only she is so talented in many fields, but she also has a naturally beautiful appearance. Her kind personality also inspired other people to create one of the princesses from Disney named Ariel. However constantly living inside the entertainment… [Read More]

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery

Young actress like Audrina Patridge must pay attention to their appearance if they want to be successful. That is why many young actresses willing to do anything to achieve the best performance that they want to have. Moreover the pressure to constantly appears beautiful add to the condition and makes it even worse. The ultimate… [Read More]

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery

As the only children of our former president, Chelsea Clinton surely gain a lot of attention from everyone around her life. Coming from big and important background give both advantage and disadvantage for Chelsea Clinton. First, she becomes much famous later year because of her family name. However, it also means that she need to… [Read More]

Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery

As a musician, Ronn Moss might not be too famous, but he is best known for his acting in the bold and beautiful opera which makes his career skyrockets to the top. The reason is because he consider as the most handsome man in the entertainment industry, which is why he has able to stay… [Read More]

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery

Rene Russo used to be a model before she dedicated her life for acting and producing the film. Afterwards, she plays an important role in various movies in many genres including thriller and comedy. Even today in her sixties age, she still staring a lot of movies and still active in other production. But it… [Read More]

Elisha Cuthbert Plastic Surgery

Getting elected as one of the most beautiful women might be something that Elisha Cuthbert proud of. That is why she wants to maintain her beauty for as long as she could. Then again most people have claimed that Elisha Cuthbert plastic surgery is a fact news, and she did it at a young age…. [Read More]

Delta Burke Plastic Surgery

We surely love Delta Burke, her stunning appearance, and comedic role has made us laugh and entertained over the year. But then we see that this past year she has some change in her appearance which make it looked different than her actual self. This is why many people suspected Delta Burke plastic surgery. But… [Read More]

Candace Cameron Plastic Surgery

There are a lot of pressures in the entertainment industry to be beautiful and attractive all the time. That is why many people inside are willing to do anything to be beautiful and attractive. One of the things is Candace Cameron plastic surgery that said to be done in such a young age. Candace has… [Read More]