Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery

Emily Blunt has a brilliant talent for acting, which is why she was able to get cast in famous film productions. Moreover, her fame has also risen since the film she stars in has become popular and gained a lot of attention from the public. But because of the attention that she gets from the… [Read More]

Trish Stratus Plastic Surgery

Trish Stratus might look scary to some people since she was involved in WWE a few years ago. She also has been a model for fitness, which leads her to fame. And now, she has opened her new business to follow her talent in fitness after she retired from wrestling. The rumor about Trish Stratus… [Read More]

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, more and more television personalities gain a lot of popularity. The reason is not only because they are bravely open their private life to the public, but also because they have a beautiful appearance. Stephanie Pratt is one of the television personalities which become more popular these days. Even though she enters the series… [Read More]

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, Rumer Willis maybe still a young woman who did not need to take plastic surgery just like any other celebrities. Well, but that’s not what happen since Rumer has been rumored gone under surgery knife to make her appearance better. We can say that it is not surprising news… [Read More]

Michael Jackson plastic surgery

When we talk about Michael Jackson, we could not forget how talented he is, so he could change the music industry with many kinds of songs that he produces. He also considered as one of the greatest singers of all time that has fans on several generations from younger age to older age. Millions of… [Read More]

Lauren Conrad Plastic Surgery

Lauren Katherine Tell, or maybe you know her more by her name Lauren Conrad was born at California in 1986, and she is already in her 32 years old. She just married in 2014 with her partner William Tell, a former musician. She is life as an American celebrity for her television performances, author, and… [Read More]

La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery

As someone who comes from a famous family which filled with more famous people, La Toya Jackson surely wants her fame also to rise up, especially when she has already entered the entertainment industry at sixteen years old age. However, at that time, she still has the support of another family member before she decided… [Read More]

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery

Kim Novak is known for her classic beauty, which she used to enter the entertainment industry in the fifties era. That is why she has successfully received many roles, which then makes her name becomes more famous, and her talent becomes known. Then a lot of offers come up to her, but she suddenly refused… [Read More]

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

As a very well-known public figure, every detail of life will become a thing that is interesting for ordinary people to know. Kim Kardashian, an American actress, model, designer, and businesswoman, is not a strange name for most people. She becomes famous with many controversies that she made. One of those is the plastic surgery… [Read More]

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery

Katie Cassidy is not only known for her family background, where she grew in a family full of actress and actor and made her so famous at a young age. However, she also is known for her role in several popular dramas and movies, which she plays along. With this background and achievement, she has… [Read More]