Michael Jackson plastic surgery 2024

When we talk about Michael Jackson, we could not forget how talented he is, so he could change the music industry with many kinds of songs that he produces. He also considered as one of the greatest singers of all time that has fans on several generations from younger age to older age. Millions of albums have been sold out by him, even after his death, his album continues to sell, which proves how lovable he is. However, he also has a lot of controversies in his life, from his family issue, child abuse issue, and the most popular issue is Michael Jackson plastic surgery issue.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Michael Jackson plastic surgery Before and After 2024

Michael Jackson Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Michael Jackson Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Michael Jackson had plastic surgery? As a popular singer, we can easily find proof of Michael Jackson’s surgery, and the photos on the internet show the changes in his appearance. But major news station and even Oprah Winfrey show also talk about this issue to the man himself.

Michael Jackson Controversies With Vitiligo And Skin Lighting Procedure

The most controversial thing about Michael Jackson might be the change in his skin color that makes him appear like Caucasian people when he is actually an African American people. At a young age, he still has dark color skin. However, as he goes older, his skin color changes, and now he appears with all white skin. Speculation arose as to the kind of procedure that he uses to change his skin color.

Since the change in Michael Jackson’s skin color has started since he was young, which would be in the eighties era, then people at that time suspect that he uses skin bleaching products which very popular at that time. He uses Porcelana along with his sister, which makes their skin lighter. However, later that decade, he comes out saying that he has vitiligo disease, which makes his skin color changes. He also said this to Oprah Winfrey in her show, but still, he is alleged with chemical peel which able to peel off his old dark skin and replace it with lighter one in combination with skin bleaching procedure. After his death, the autopsy stated that he really had vitiligo disease. However, it is not known whether he has the disease because of the effect of the bleaching procedure or not.

Michael Jackson Nose Job

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Another controversy that Michael Jackson had is the change on his face that happened in a short time. The dramatic changes not only happen in his face contour but also his overall facial appearance. The most obvious one would be on his nose, which appears thinner every six months. Many rumors are discussing how he has done nose jobs often. The nose job procedures get a botched result in the end, and his nose bridge starts to disappear completely.

Michael Jackson Eyebrow Surgery, Cheek, Chin, and Lips Implant

Michael Jackson’s eyebrows also appear pulled up, which is the result of eyebrows surgery. His cheek also appears bigger that might be because of cheek implant, although he said that he had that from his father. To make his chin have a better look, he also creates a cleft on it, which suddenly appears out of nowhere, which shows that he uses chin surgery to create them. His lips also become thinner, and it shows that he has undergone many procedures to get these results.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Opinions

Michael Jackson’s name is also put side by side with plastic surgery gone wrong because the change in his face has gone wrong. But he does not want to admit it, and even suing one major news tabloid because of the same statement. After his death, the truth comes out that he was really done those surgeries.

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