Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery 2024

American Diva, Janet Jackson, is a popular singer that already started her career in the entertainment industry since long ago. She was born at Indiana in 1966 which mean she is already in her 48 right now. She is the youngest of Jackson five, and she is also a great songwriter and actress. Become a diva with gold voice and a younger sister of King of Pop, Michael Jackson, makes Janet cannot run from gossips, rumors, and issues. One of the hot scandals that have been rumored is about Janet Jackson plastic surgery. Apparently, she also has done several plastic surgeries just like her brother, Michael. We all know that Michael has bad plastic surgeries result which makes his appearance unrecognizable. How about Janet? Did she also overdo the plastic surgery just like her brother?

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Janet Jackson Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Janet Jackson Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Janet Jackson had plastic surgery? The rumor about Janet who has plastic surgery spread after media caught her when she came out from Cedar’s Sinai Hospital with a new look. The news makes people, and her fans believe that she has gone under surgery knife to make her appearance better. After the news has been released media asked Janet about whether she is really done the plastic surgery; and just like we already guessed Janet did not admit it and added that she went to Cedar’s Sinai Hospital for a medical checkup. Do you believe what she said?

You can compare her before after pictures to make your own conclusion. In her recent photos, she has different facial shape compared than before, and this makes people suspect that Janet really does plastic surgery. Her appearance changes so drastically, and there is no way people can change that fast and with an unnatural look.

Janet Jackson Tummy Tuck Procedure

Compared than before, Janet Jackson looks slimmer and skinny. On her old pictures, her body looks fatter and chubby, but now she has sexy body shape which caused people wonder if Janet did liposuction or tummy tuck in order to suck out her fat faster. But, Janet also rumoured to have extreme diet completed with hard exercise which causes her body slimmer just like now. Which one do you believe? Does Janet really do liposuction? Or maybe do you more believe if her flatter belly is due to her rigorous exercise?

Janet Jackson Nose Job

Janet has been rumored to have a nose job. Before plastic surgery, Janet has wider and rounder nose but now her nose shape changes into narrower and smaller shape. You can see her nose tip is pointier.

Janet Jackson Breast Implant

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Another rumor about Janet plastic surgery is breast implant. But until today the rumor about Janet boobs surgery still a mystery as compared than before, her breast looks smaller. Some people said that her smaller boobs due to her slimmer and skinny body.

Janet Jackson Eyelid Surgery

Last but not least, Janet rumored for have eyelid surgery. You can compare her eyes shape on before after pictures and find the differences. Her eyes look wider maybe from her blepharoplasty. This procedure is done by suck out fat around eyes so the eyes will look wider.

What Expert Said about Janet Plastic Surgery

Expert already said that Janet needs to stop plastic surgeries if not maybe she will look like her brother, Michael Jackson who overdid the surgery procedure. Dr. Terry Dubrow, an expert in plastic surgery also added that Janet nose and breast look unnatural or fake. Even some expert also suggests to Janet that if she needs to maintain her look she can go with a non-surgical procedure.

We believe that Janet appearance before plastic surgery is sweeter and pretties, but now she looks unnatural. Let’s hope that she does not do plastic surgery anymore in the future.

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