Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery 2024

Joan Alexandra Molinsky is an artist, well known for her comedy and act on E! Channel. We could see her continuous career even though she already in her eighties. Then again, she really works hard to maintain her career, not only on her talent but also on her appearance aspect. We think that all people have known about Joan Rivers plastic surgery since the effect could be seen on her face now. But again that does not mean we could not discuss it, right? This is because we think Joan did her plastic surgery, and it changes her appearance drastically.

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

What kind of surgery Joan Rivers has done? Did Joan Rivers Have Plastic Surgery?

We could see that Joan not only need plastic surgery, but she seems too fond it, which might be the reason she did it numerous time. She even admit it that she likes to do it. She says that people should spend their money on themselves rather than spend their money and cars or other luxurious things since for Joan; plastic surgery is a luxurious thing. Although not all people understand it but she said that once you go over forty then you will wake up noticing you need one procedure to another. Now let us take a look at the procedure that she has taken.


The first thing that she is done is liposuction, this procedure is done to get rid any unwanted fat area. This might be done at her younger age where she needs to be able to keep her appearance for numerous television activities that she had. She surely wants to be able to fit all kinds of wearable from sponsor that she has to wear during the show. We could clearly say that this thing is a normal thing for any artist since they need to do it for their professional career.


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This might be the most obvious thing that we could see from Joan face appearance over the years. We could see that she has tight face skin that might even too tight for her. We suspected that she at least have two facelifts along her live, where the first one gives her a very good result that not many people realize if they did not take a closer look. However, we could not put aside on the second facelift that she should not have done. By doing this second facelift, she made her face too tight, so she loses her ability to change her expression.

Nose Job

But what responsible for a huge change in her face, may because of the nose job that she did. We could see that she used to have a big nose with large bridge that adores her beautiful face. But now she changes that into smaller nose with thin bridge that we say not quite suitable for her face shape. But then she could easily change her face shape to match her nose anyway, so she does not really care about it.

Opinion About Joan Rivers Before And After Plastic Surgery

Has Joan Rivers had plastic surgery? For Joan, plastic surgery has been done too many times. She is also doing breast implants, facelifts and lips injections to eliminate those wrinkles. She really needs to quit doing it because we could not recognize her face anymore and because of the side effect. But when asked whether she will quit or not, she only says that she will do it again when she have to, meaning when she thinks she wants to. However seeing her current condition we should say that her current doctor might not want to do any other procedure anymore. Unless she could find another doctor that want to do it for her.

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