Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery

The beautiful looking ladies will always be waiting for by the male fan, which is why most news stations will go for women journalists to host their show. Sharon Tay is among the lucky ones to be picked on the show, where she successfully hosted two shows and makes her name rise up. Since then,… [Read More]

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery

No one could deny that Melissa Gilbert is indeed beautiful; she also had a great talent. We know that she contributes to the entertainment industry not only as an actress but also as director and producer. Many people undoubtedly admire this Prairie tale princess because of the quality that she has. With her children’s short… [Read More]

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery

The ex-wife of popular actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver, has been rumored to take plastic surgery. Maria is an American journalist as well as an author for several bestseller books. She also takes a job as an anchor on NBC. Besides that, she also the former first lady of former California Governor. Sadly her marriage… [Read More]

Lauren Conrad Plastic Surgery

Lauren Katherine Tell, or maybe you know her more by her name Lauren Conrad was born at California in 1986, and she is already in her 32 years old. She just married in 2014 with her partner William Tell, a former musician. She is life as an American celebrity for her television performances, author, and… [Read More]

Katty Kay Plastic Surgery

Katherine Kay is an English Journalist who born in 1964, which means she is already in her 50 years old. She grew in many Middle East countries, and graduate from the University of Oxford to take modern language. She is fluent in both French and Italian. Katherine Kay, or maybe you know her more by… [Read More]

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery

Katie Couric’s success in delivering news to the audience has made her gain a lot of jobs, which brings her to success. That is why she now not only works as a journalist but also as a host on popular shows. Her constant appearance in tv show has made her become much famous than before…. [Read More]

JWoww Plastic Surgery

JWoww plastic surgery has been the subject of talk among people, which started when JWoww showed up with a set of full breasts that look new. JWoww that was born with the name Jennifer Lynn Farley on February 27, 1986, is the cast of a new MTV reality show called Jersey Shore. After making her… [Read More]

Juliet Huddy Plastic Surgery

Juliet AnnMarie Huddy or maybe you know her more by her stage nickname Juliet Huddy is an American anchor for television news for Fox News Channel. She was born in Florida in 1969, which means she is already in her 51 years old. Currently, she is rumored to date Rick Carlson, a computer engineer, and… [Read More]

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery

As someone who is involved in the television industry, Kari Byron is one that quickly gains a lot of attention. Her elegant and smart persona has made her becomes famous since she could attract more attention from many people. She was also able to gain her show after her fame, which surely makes more people… [Read More]

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

Kat Von D is very famous for her artwork, which is very beautiful and makes people love her. Surely a lot of work has been done, such as tattoo and other fashion items like cosmetics and clothing. With a lot of good work, she continually gains a lot of attention. This beautiful, talented artist surely… [Read More]