Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery

As the only children of our former president, Chelsea Clinton surely gain a lot of attention from everyone around her life. Coming from big and important background give both advantage and disadvantage for Chelsea Clinton. First, she becomes much famous later year because of her family name. However, it also means that she need to… [Read More]

Angelababy Plastic Surgery

Begin her career since teenage years, Angelababy has become renowned supermodel and actress inside the Chinese entertainment industry. Because of her beauty and talent she no longer only famous in China but she also gains recognition on the Japanese and Korean market. This is why more and more people know about her name and figure… [Read More]

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery

Barbara Walters has done a lot of interviews with ‘A-list celebrity’ who is on the top of their fame. Because of that Barbara Walters has also stood under the spotlight of celebrity she interviews. That is why even though she is already in her eighties, she still active in the news industry since she is… [Read More]

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery

Who does not know Simon Cowell? He is the notorious judge for several talent shows such as American Idol and X-Factor. Simon Cowell is a British music producer, and he was born in 1959, and he is already in 54 right now. Being a celebrity means you cannot escape from rumors, gossips, and issues, and… [Read More]

Robin Meade Plastic Surgery

We see more and more news anchors with new face come up on our screen every day. This is why the old news anchor such as Robin Meade has to keep watches her current position when she does not want to be replaced by new and younger news anchor. That is why she might feel… [Read More]

Leslie Stahl Plastic Surgery

As a television personality and journalist, people expect Leslie Stahl always to appear beautiful. And that is exactly what she has done by using Leslie Stahl plastic surgery so no one could even guess her current age. Actually, she was born in 1941 which is why she already past her seventies, but as you can… [Read More]

Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery

Dancing might becomes the passion in Kym Johnson lives which bring her to fame far away from her homeland in Australia. That is why she has able to win several Dancing with the Stars seasons with a different partner. But then, her partner in life might not only her dance; since now she has faced… [Read More]

Dominique Sachse Plastic Surgery

The rumor about plastic surgery does not go only to actress and singer, but we could also find several news anchors that also get the same rumor. One of them is about Dominique Sachse plastic surgery. Dominique Sachse is a very beautiful news anchor with so many fans that adores her, which is why her… [Read More]

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery

To be an artist, it is important to have a high esteem so they could go on stage with pride and do well. Then again you should notice that there is some artist that does not have that; this is why most of them opt for something else. Then there is Courtney Love plastic surgery… [Read More]

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery

It seems that nowadays all people had done surgery, which is why we could not avoid seeing Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery. Even if Adrienne is not an actress, but she have been accustomed to the same lifestyle since she is also mingling with the same actress lineup. Then when she joins Real Housewives that desire… [Read More]