Tara Reid Plastic Surgery

For actress who enters the entertainment industry at such a young age, they might experience some issues with confidence. The reason is that they have not fully grown yet, so they might have some issues with their appearance. For young actresses like Tara Reid, appearance is everything, especially when she thinks that her career depends… [Read More]

Shakira Plastic Surgery

Who does not know Shakira? She is a beautiful Colombian singer as well as a great songwriter, model, choreographer, dancer, and producer. Many people become fans of her because she always shows amazing performance with her sweet voice. She was born at Colombia in 1977, and it means she is 43 years old. The media… [Read More]

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery

It seems plastic surgery does not only become popular among Hollywood celebrities but in Bollywood, this treatment becomes more and more popular. Let’s take an example of Preity Zinta plastic surgery since everyone knows who she is from her acting in several India or Hindi movies and films. Preity Zinta was born at India in… [Read More]

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery

Sexy and beautiful is what you are going to say when you look at Mariah Carey, American diva who born at New York in 1970. Mariah, as a singer and songwriter, has a sweet voice and memorable songs from time to time. She is also life as a great actress from several films that she… [Read More]

Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery

Everyone wants to look beautiful, even Kim Zolciak, who has appeared in a popular variety show series. But now, because of her fame, Kim Zolciak has received more attention, especially after she gets her own variety show, which constantly shows her private life. That might be the reason why she gets so much pressure on… [Read More]

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery

American Diva, Janet Jackson, is a popular singer that already started her career in the entertainment industry since long ago. She was born at Indiana in 1966 which mean she is already in her 48 right now. She is the youngest of Jackson five, and she is also a great songwriter and actress. Become a… [Read More]

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery

The first supermodel, she herself proclaims, Janice Dickinson was born at New York in 1955 and start her career as a popular model back in 1970 and 1980. We all know the story about Janice Dickinson plastic surgery and how it turns into the bad result. Janice Dickinson also admits that she lives for cosmetic… [Read More]

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost in Usa

Are sit-ups, not giving you the toned body and a flat tummy that you want? You might be worried about the excess skin on your abdomen or too much fat in the tummy area. When diets and exercises fail to give you the perfect body you have been trying to achieve for a long time,… [Read More]

Broke Burke Plastic Surgery

Broke Burke or Broke Burke Charvet is well known for her role in Dancing with the Star. She is an American Actress who lives as a model, dancer, and television host. She was born in Connecticut in 1971, and it means she is already in her 43 right now. Her first marriage is with a… [Read More]

Carlita Kilpatrick Plastic Surgery

As the wife of former Detroit Major, Carlita Kilpatrick seems have a never-ending issue. Her husband long ago has been in jail and then she also gets kicked out from her job. Because of that now Carlita and her family need to move from her big house to another place. She has really hard times… [Read More]