Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery 2024

Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra or maybe you know her more by her stage name, Meg Ryan, is an American actress and a producer. Her first significant role is in a romantic comedy film called When Harry Met Sally. Because of this movie, her name has become more and more popular, and she was offered with other romantic drama projects. Meg Ryan, who born at Connecticut in 1961, is already in her 58 years old right now. Her face transformation from year to year is what makes people and media get shocked plus suspected that she has gone under surgery knife.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Meg Ryan Before And After Plastic Surgery

Has Meg Ryan had plastic surgery? Meg Ryan plastic surgery is what people called “gone wrong” since the result did not look so good to her face. The surgeries make her face unrecognizable. The media also said that because of her bad appearance, her career becomes downward. Many people asked what is wrong with Meg Ryan when they saw Meg Ryan on some occasion appears with a different look.

Did Meg Ryan Have Plastic Surgery?

It is not surprising anymore if celebrities do plastic surgery to maintain or to reshape their look. Everyone does, and Meg Ryan has a right to do so. But, what makes people shock is the result of the plastic surgery, which makes her face botched, swollen, and looks painful. You can compare her transformation year to year from 1983 to 2020. Certainly, her looks when she was young are really different compared to her recent appearance. She is rumored to take not only one plastic surgery but also another surgical procedure. So, what kind of plastic surgeries that she has done?

Meg Ryan Lips Injection

From 1990 Meg Ryan is already rumored to have gone under the knife. Her first plastic surgery rumor was lip injection. Now she has juicier and plumper lips. The plastic surgery makes her lips look full, and the media suspected her to have filler injection in her top lip. How about the result? Well, many media said that the lip injection looks awful and it makes her face unrecognizable.

Meg Ryan Botox and Filler Injection

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After her first plastic surgery in the ’90s, she started to use Botox treatment and filler plastic surgeries in the 2000s. The Botox treatment must be done to get rid of any aging signs such as wrinkle and frown lines. It is not surprising because Meg starts to get aged and she already in her 40. She may be afraid to look aged and decide to take Botox; you can definitely see the result since she has a free wrinkle face until now. Besides Botox, she also rumored to have filler for her cheeks since the cheeks look fuller than before. Unfortunately, her Botox treatment and filler make her face frozen. You can see when she smiles, and her face looks painful.

Meg Ryan Facelift Surgery

We all know that when you do the Botox, you should do the facelift and Meg seems to agree with this statement. To maintain her youthful look, Meg also done facelift to get smoother and glowing skins. You can see on her forehead there is no fine lines or any aging signs whatsoever which is impossible for a woman in her 58.

Meg Ryan suspected to have gone under the knife for breast implant and nose job. Media suspect her boobs seem to get bigger than before. Her nose also becomes higher and unnatural. It seems the plastic surgeries which she has done did not turn into a good result just like what she expected. Many of her fans prefer old Meg when she still did not do the plastic surgeries.

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