Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery 2024

Not many celebrities plastic surgery is as shocking as Amanda Lepore plastic surgery. The reason is not that she does it to change her sexuality but that she does it in the age of nineteen years old. Amanda was born as Armand Lepore, but she admit that she knows she should be a woman instead of a man ever since she could remember. That is why she done multiple plastic surgeries not only to change her appearance, but also to change her body to what she claims to be, a woman. We could see how the pain that she have to go through in order to achieve her dream.

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

What kind of surgery Amanda Lepore has done? Did Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery?

She so opens up with the story of her life, where she needs to struggle through childhood life as a boy. Let us take a look of some plastic surgery that she has to go through one at a time.

Gender transformation of Amanda Lepore

Although her parents separate and isolated her from the way to be a woman, she eventually breaks free when she marries her first husband and get to have a gender transformation. She said the change that she has done in the hospital does not really painful. She was out because of tranquilizer. But later on she has to keep a dilator on as the process of healing the wound to keep stretching the vagina open. She said that it feels like a knife going through her and that it is the most painful thing she ever experiences.

Amanda Lepore Boob Job

We could see that Amanda has a perfect breast that a woman could ever dream to born with. Of course, as a lady she also has the same dream that is why she done breast implant procedure to achieve what she want. What shocking is that she not only done it once but three times to get the perfect size that she wants. The first and the second implant might not be satisfying enough for her, and luckily as the time goes, more and more technology are discovered so they could give what she desire. Of course, she could do whatever she want, and that perfect breast is the proof.

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Face transformation of Amanda Lepore

On her face, she has done a lot of procedure, the first that she has done lip implanting that she is done to make her lips bigger and plumper. This is why she has very sexy lips. However, she later does lips size reduction on her bottom part to make it more even.

Another thing that she is done is the nose job, where she makes her nose thinner and pointer. She also adds some Botox on top of it all, so her skin becomes smoother and shining. Regarding to inspiration, she said that she loves Marilyn Monroe a lot. But then she needs to make her hairline lower since Marilyn has beautiful fluffy hair, luckily she was born with beautiful blonde hair.

Opinion About Amanda Lepore Before And After Plastic Surgery

Has Amanda Lepore had plastic surgery? As fans, there are some that love her change or appearance through plastic surgery, but there are also some that regrets her decision because they think it has changed her appearance a lot to be unrecognizable. But then when it makes her happy we should not against it, especially when we see she is so proud of her change and appearance. She has done so many sacrifices to get what she want including having to break her lower ribs in order to get smaller waist size. That procedure is so painful, but she endures it all to get the best appearance of the most expensive body you will ever find.

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