Fergie Plastic Surgery 2024

Singer Stacy Ann Ferguson or maybe you know her more by her stage name, Fergie, is popular as hip-hop singer and also a songwriter. She is a great actress, fashion designer, and host for several television programs. She starts to gain popularity when she joined Black Eyed Peas as the female singer in that group and from that her name becomes more and more acknowledge in the entertainment industry and she also has her own single “The Dutchess.” Fergie was born in California in 1975 which means she already at the end of her 30. As celebrity the rumor about Fergie plastic surgery becomes one of the hottest topics not too long ago in media and paparazzi world.

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Fergie Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Fergie Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Fergie had plastic surgery? You may need to compare her before after pictures from time to time to see with your eyes Fergie transformation. Her old photos when she stills a teenager show a really different appearance compared her current pictures. It seems Fergie try to make her face and body better than before when she starts to get matured. She also already in her 39 and get aging signs, it maybe makes her did some plastic surgeries here and there to maintain a youthful look, and so she can survive in this hard entertainment pressures as a public figure.

Fergie Rumor about Plastic Surgery

Fergie has been rumored to have gone under surgery knife because she looks fresh and she barely gets aged for a woman in her 39 which odd because she looks so much younger than her real age. People suspect that she takes surgeries and decide not to age gracefully. What kind of plastic surgery which Fergie has done?

Fergie Botox Injection, Facelift, and Filler Plastic Surgery Procedure

Botox injection will effectively get rid any aging signs such as wrinkle and frown lines and Fergie also rumored to get one. Her face barely has any wrinkles and lines which seem weird. She looks ten years younger than her real age with her smoother and flawless skins. What did Fergie say to the media regarding her Botox treatment? She admitted it! Many people appreciated that she admitted getting Botox injection to make her appearance better and to maintain youthful looks, but that’s all because besides Botox she also rumored to get other plastic surgeries which sadly she did not admit it.

Fergie also suspected to take facelift to complete her Botox injection treatment. The facelift works well on her face since her forehead looks smoother and there are no fine lines around it whatsoever. It is not surprising if Fergie did facelift because many celebrities who have done Botox usually also take some facelift to maximize the result.

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Third, media also accused Fergie to get filler which makes her face look fuller especially around her cheek.

Fergie Nose Job

You can see that Fergie nose seems to change into smaller and pointy shape compared than before. Rumor said that Fergie had done nose job procedure to reshape her wider and bigger nose. Her nose tip and the nasal area look better now just like any other celebrities who have done a nose job. Although, she kept silent regarding this topic and did not admit it when she asked in some interview.

Fergie Boob Job

Well, there are celebrities who think that bigger boobs are hotter and sexier and Fergie maybe also has the same opinion. Her flat and small breast turns into bigger and rounder boobs. Many people accused Fergie to get breast implant to increase her cup size. Well, the surgery really works well for her since her body looks better with boobs that every woman will jealous. For the breast implant rumor, the female singer also did not give enough response.

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