Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery 2024

If you are fans of Talent Show like American Idol, then you must know about Clay Aiken. He is the runner-up of American Idol who loses from Ruben Studdard, and he starts his career from it as a popular singer. Now Clay Aiken already in his 35 (he was born at North Carolina in 1978) and as time goes by he is not only a singer but also an actor, author, and even become politician plus an activist.

Has Clay Aiken had plastic surgery? As part of American celebrities, he never cannot run from paparazzi, rumors, issues, gossips, and so on. One of the biggest issues about him is when he takes plastic surgery. Does Clay Aiken really take plastic surgery? You may do not need to answer it on your own since he already admitted that he is done plastic surgeries. It is not surprising that Hollywood celebrity is done one, two, or even more plastic surgeries in order to maintain his or her look. So let’s review about Clay Aiken plastic surgery rumor.

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Clay Aiken Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Clay Aiken Have Plastic Surgery?

It is true that Clay starts to get aged in his 35, but some fans said that actually, his look is far better before he gone under surgeon’s knife and some people also said that his look is better after done plastic surgery. Which one do you agree?

The rumor of Clay Aiken has plastic surgery because of his different look, and many fans start their suspicious because of this. He looks more confident now with his new look. Once, he appeared in some variety show and asked about the possibility having plastic surgery, and he did not deny it and confesses calmly that he was done plastic surgery. This new hot topic starts to spread among fans, and there is a different opinion about his new look like we mentioned above.

Clay Aiken Chin Surgery

Clay admitted that he is gone under the knife to get some job on his chin. He adds that he intentionally asks the surgeon or the doctor to suck up the fat out from his chin so he will look better. When you compare him before after photos, then you can see that his chin is smaller and pointy. Moreover, before he is done plastic surgery, his has a double chin, but on his recent picture, his chin becomes single. It looks like the plastic surgery was done a good job for Clay’s chin, and he is also satisfied with his new look.

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Clay Aiken Jaw Surgery

Not only Clay did his chin, but he also takes plastic surgery for his jaw. He said that he needs jaw plastic surgery as a Temporomandibular joint. He adds that it needed because of some disorder thing and when he did the jaw surgery, he also asked the doctor to suck out all fat from his chin with a joking voice.

Although Clay said that he is satisfied with the plastic surgery results but several fans have a different opinion such as his face looks like a mask or his face is better than plastic surgery or Clay Aiken is not like Clay anymore and they cannot recognize him anymore, and so on. It is true that his fatty cheek makes him more alive and fresh. But, now his face looks frozen. So, do you agree that Clay plastic surgery bring a better look or not? Which one do you prefer for the American Idol season, 2 singers?

Since there is so many celebrities that gone under the knife, fans not so surprise by Clay confession and in fact we can appreciate that he admitted it by himself. You know there are much celebrities that done some plastic surgeries but do not brave enough to admit it.

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