Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery 2024

Who does not know Simon Cowell? He is the notorious judge for several talent shows such as American Idol and X-Factor. Simon Cowell is a British music producer, and he was born in 1959, and he is already in 54 right now. Being a celebrity means you cannot escape from rumors, gossips, and issues, and so does Simon Cowell. He ended with a rumor about his plastic surgery that many people and fans talk about and whether this rumor true or not. To answer that doubt you can try to compare and see his old pictures with his recent photos gallery. You can tell that there must be something different especially in his facial skins and shapes. Many people try to figure out Simon Cowell plastic surgery in details.

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Simon Cowell Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Simon Cowell Have Plastic Surgery? Rumor about Simon Cowell having Plastic Surgery Spread so Fast among Fans

Has Simon Cowell had plastic surgery? The rumor about Simon Cowell having plastic surgery starts when he appears in several shows with an unnatural look on his face. His shows up with a bloated and swollen face, with that look, of course, many people and fans will suspect something suspicious and finally come to the conclusion that Simon Cowell just has a plastic surgery for his face.

When people spread gossip regarding Simon plastic surgery, they made a fun or rather “cruel” comment that Simon may have some allergic issue, and other also said that Simon barely can open his own eyes. The topic about plastic surgery issue even becomes a trending in several social media like Twitter.

Information about Simon Plastic Surgery

There is no doubt that Simon done cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Just compare his before after photos and you can see that he looks younger in his 54 right now. Simon really did several surgeries such as:

Simon Botox Injections

To make his own face skin looks younger than his real age, Simon takes several Botox injections that he admitted by himself. When he asked about the plastic surgery, he makes a confession that he really did the Botox to keep youthful looks. Even his face after taking the Botox clearly showed when he appears as judges on his talent shows, but the camera tries to cover it.

In some show, he also asked by the MC regarding the rumor and he admitted it and even add that he is also using Botox to brush his teeth. He did not shy or ashamed answer that question. He interested in Botox and also used it as a give or present for his friends.

Simon Facelift and Face Filler

True that Simon face skin looks smoother and his cheek looks fuller. In his 54 his face looks fresh and younger compared his old look in the before photos. You cannot deny that Simon really did some facelift and face filler.

Simon said that he does not disagree with plastic surgery and in fact he admitted that he was done several cosmetic and plastic surgery to keep his appearances. But he said that he does not take any plastic surgery besides Botox and do not want to admit about possibility take other plastic surgery.

We know that there are a lots of Hollywood celebrities that keep doing plastic surgery because they want to maintain their appearances as a public figure or just want to do it because everyone does. Some celebrities even afraid if they start aged they will not become popular anymore, and because of this they willing to do anything to keep the fresh and youthful look. But, no matter what happen people will become old and aged, we cannot do anything about it even with plastic surgeries. It is better to accept our natural look in any ages.

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