Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery 2024

What would you say when you see a seventy years old still in beautiful condition as we could see in Mary Tyler Moore? You would not believe it, right? Well, that is why we could say that Mary Tyler Moore plastic surgery is real, although she does not want to admit it. Mary Tyler Moore is mostly known for her television sitcom the Mary Tyler Moore Show. And since then everyone loves her so much, but then everyone also notice she did not show any aging sign regardless of her current age.

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

What kind of surgery Mary Tyler Moore has done? Did Mary Tyler Moore Have Plastic Surgery?

There are many known procedure that everyone uses to eliminate aging sign, most of them based on plastic surgery procedure since anti aging cream could not eliminate all wrinkle.


Has Mary Tyler Moore had plastic surgery? First we could say that Mary had facelift, and that might not only once but a couple of times when she wants to maintain the result. We could see that her facial skin is so tight without any flagging at all. But sadly this procedure also leaves her with a side effect. Known side effect that we could see is how her face starts swollen especially on the right side. That is why sometimes we could see her face looked imbalance from one side to another because of this procedure.

Botox Injections

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Along with the first procedure, you should also add some filler to make the result even perfect. This filler is used to fill in some gap in the skin that can eliminate the wrinkle. By this procedure, the skin could be smooth once again. We could see that Mary surely done some Botox in her live, especially when she wants to keep staying in the entertainment industry a little bit longer. Sadly another side effect of this procedure could also be seen on her face. We could see that she loose her emotion, and we could not really notice if she frowned or smiled since her default face seems to be the smiling face that could not be change anymore.

Eyelid Procedure

One that could not be left behind after all of those above procedure is the eyelid procedure. This procedure is done to eliminate sagging eye bag that appear on when people are getting older. But as you can see the sagging eye could not be seen in Mary. This is because she had done the procedure to eliminate sagging eye bag before it becomes too obvious. However as the previous plastic surgery we could also see the side effect that she gets from this procedure. We could see that when the eyes are being pulled openly, they pull it too hard thus makes the eye too largely open. This makes the result become unnatural anymore, and complete it with the other surgery side effect we could say that her face is not recognizable.

Opinion About Mary Tyler Moore Before And After Plastic Surgery

Although it is up to her to decide but when we see the result that she gain from the surgery, we could only say that she should not have do any of that procedure. Indeed her face looks younger despite her age, but we could see that the result is unnatural and unbalance. However, we speculate that she will keep continuing to do it again to maintain the result. But then again we really wish that she does not do that, so there would not be any other side effect. It is because plastic surgery is not suitable for her skin, and at least she need to find a better doctor.

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