Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery

Bradley Cooper is one of the most known actors since he has starred in many movies that bring him to success. Moreover, his handsome face has made a lot of women fans loves him and consider him as one of the sexiest males. His face appears very masculine which adorn with a beard to make… [Read More]

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

Christie Brinkley is the symbol of American beauty, with her perfect body and appearance. So there is no wonder that she is named as one of the most beautiful women by several famous magazines. With so much recognition on her fame, it is no wonder that she has to maintain her appearance all time. Even… [Read More]

Susan Sullivan Plastic Surgery

American actress Susan Sullivan is popular from her role at many programs such as ABC sitcom and Castle play as Martha Rodgers. She was born in 1942, and now she is already in her 70. Getting old make Susan rumored with plastic surgery. There are lots of people suspect that this primetime actress has done… [Read More]

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery

Steven Tyler is considered as music genius ever since he young since besides singing he also able to plays a lot of instrument. But of course, the one that makes him very famous is because of his successful band Aerosmith. This is why he has been the attention of everyone especially on the band tour… [Read More]

Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Westfeldt is a very beautiful actress, even in her current age we see her in such perfect appearance which makes many women envy her. Besides that, she also has a famous husband and nice working career which brings her to fame in Hollywood. Like any other stereotype in Hollywood, actress Jennifer Westfeldt is faced… [Read More]

Holly Hunter Plastic Surgery

Whenever someone sees a beautiful actress, they always ask does that beauty is real, or they are made from plastic? This is why rumor about Holly Hunter plastic surgery come up since she is really beautiful even today. She is born in the fifties and has become an actress for so long; that is why… [Read More]

Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery

Nowadays plastic surgery has become something that common to be used by everyone especially when they already reach a certain age. But because the cost of doing plastic surgery has getting increased more and more, not many people could use this method and only those who are famous and rich are able to do it…. [Read More]

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery

Living a glamour live is something that Geena Davis always has in her live. It means she will be surrounded by the best thing in the world including famous people of the entertainment industry. And since she has a larger circle of friends, we would not only see Geena Davis surrounds by actress and actor,… [Read More]

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery

As an American actress, Dyan Cannon has starred in many television dramas and movies. Her fame starts by her debut in the sixties and since then she continues to grow it into huge popularity. Most of it come from her talent and professional working etiquette, but her beauty also plays a major role on her… [Read More]

Christa Miller Plastic Surgery

It is not uncommon for an actress to denies any rumor that they get when their appearance is changing. But that does not prevent the fans to question especially about Christa Miller plastic surgery. Her fans even argue about it because some of them think that the result of plastic surgery is fabulous, but some… [Read More]