Tara Reid Plastic Surgery

For actress who enters the entertainment industry at such a young age, they might experience some issues with confidence. The reason is that they have not fully grown yet, so they might have some issues with their appearance. For young actresses like Tara Reid, appearance is everything, especially when she thinks that her career depends… [Read More]

JWoww Plastic Surgery

JWoww plastic surgery has been the subject of talk among people, which started when JWoww showed up with a set of full breasts that look new. JWoww that was born with the name Jennifer Lynn Farley on February 27, 1986, is the cast of a new MTV reality show called Jersey Shore. After making her… [Read More]

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Ivanka Trump career has been prepared since she was a little girl, of course, it is because of her father has owned a large area of business which she could choose from. That is why to follow the steps of her father she also works in many fields that brings her to success. Even when… [Read More]

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery

Who does not know about Dolly Parton? Her beauty and perfect body are making everyone gawk every time she is around. Dolly Parton plastic surgery is also not a secret anymore although at a younger age she keeps her lips tight since she does not want the issue to affect her country music career. Now,… [Read More]

Garry Shandling Plastic Surgery

Garry Shandling is an American actor, writer, and popular comedian. He was born at Chicago in 1949 which mean he is in his 64 right now. In the old age, Garry has been rumored for several plastic surgeries because his face looks really different compared with his old pictures. Unfortunately, many people said that the… [Read More]

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore beauty is nothing to doubt about; many people have fallen for her angel beauty including her former husband, Bruce Willis. This beauty is also what helps her to achieve her current position as the A-list star of Hollywood industry. This is why she willing to do everything to make herself became more beautiful… [Read More]

Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery

Elsa Pataky is known for her beauty especially because she is born with Spanish bloodline which makes her gain exotic beauty that could not be had by anybody else. Moreover, her talent in acting in many kinds of language that she mastered also makes her more famous since she can perform in many kinds of… [Read More]

Eva Amurri Plastic Surgery

As an actress, Eva Amurri is blessed with not only great appearance but also beautiful and perfect body. This is why many people admire her but then not little that also feels envy to her beauty. That is why more and more people pay attention to her, but their attention is divided into two different… [Read More]

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Billy Crystal is a very amazing actor; his comedic role has given a lot of people a lot of fun. Not only adult but children also love his voice through Mike Wazowski role which very funny and famous. But just because he plays a comedic role, it does not mean he does not need to… [Read More]

Erica Durance Plastic Surgery

Erica Durance notable work in acting industry has led her to a more serious role in the television industry. We do not even need to argue about her acting talent since the talent has been tested by the producer who only had the audition three days before the filming process begin. She surely had great… [Read More]