Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery

Teri Hatcher is an American actress known well by many people for her performance on the Desperate Housewife series. She is a former NCL cheerleader, presenter, and a great writer. She was born at California in 1964, which means she is 56 years old right now. She was married twice but got divorced and has… [Read More]

Andie Macdowell Plastic Surgery

Acting has been Andie Macdowell’s world in the eighties; this is why now she could harvest the result of her hard work. She becomes more famous in her old age, which is why she easily gains people attention. A lot of awards have proved that she is not just beautiful, but she is an actress… [Read More]

Alyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery

Alyson Hannigan is a famous actress who makes many people laugh because of her comedic role. She even starts her career since teenage year which means the development of her career on entertainment industry has been done for a long time. This also means that she constantly exposed to the pressure of plastic surgery which… [Read More]

Vera Farmiga Plastic Surgery

There are many actress that we see on the screen, however not many that want to play in a thriller or horror movie, and that exactly what Vera Farmiga famous for. She is not just a beautiful but very talented actress who could play her roles very well. She even praised for her acting ability… [Read More]

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Carla Bruni is popular as Italian singer as well as a songwriter who already composed many songs and she also work as a model before. She was born at Italy in 1967, and it means she is already in her 48 right now. In her 40 there is no trace of aging at all which… [Read More]

Alison Krauss Plastic Surgery

Alison Krauss’s beautiful voice and musical talent are undeniable; she could even play a lot of instrument which surely is useful when she performed on stage. With her talent, she is able to collaborate with many other musicians on several occasion; she even has a solo album as well as group one. Active since the… [Read More]

Aishwarya Rai Plastic Surgery

Beautiful and famous has gained by Aishwarya Rai throughout her career that she starts ever since she was a teenager. And she gained it not an easy way since she has done a lot of hard work to achieve such result. Beside her acting ability, she is also known as one of the most beautiful… [Read More]

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery

Ann Margret has been in the entertainment industry since the sixties, that is why most people who love to watch drama and movies will know her name. She has appeared in numerous cinema which gives her a lot of awards; she also gains recognition as a guest star in numerous series that wants to have… [Read More]

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery

This actress is best known for her devilish role in some films she stars in, but even with that role, no one could really hate her because she looked so beautiful. When they say a beautiful person gets forgiven easily, then your star would be Suzanne Somers. However, some of her fans still not forgetting… [Read More]

Bette Midler Plastic Surgery

Bette Midler voice has made a lot of people wowed when hearing it; she also has acting talent that she shows on several films she stars in. Even today she has managed to bring in several awards on both industries, which is a rare thing to have by a celebrity who mostly only goes on… [Read More]