Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery 2024

Famous and beautiful, that is the two words used to describe Keira Knightley. Especially after her success in playing the role of Elizabeth Swann, in the famous epic movie series Pirates of The Caribbean, that makes her even more famous than before. Then after her fame, there is also Keira Knightley plastic surgery rumor that comes up following her. This rumor happened because some of the fans see something different from her appearance then start to gossip about it through their fans account. The rumor blew up and become the cover on many blogs that talks about plastic surgery. Has Keira Knightley had plastic surgery?

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Keira Knightley Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Keira Knightley Have Plastic Surgery?

There are many kinds of surgery that Keira Knightley rumored to have. Those surgeries are really common especially inside the entertainment industry where everyone should bear perfect look all the time.

Keira Knightley Nose Job

The first rumor is about her nose where we could see the dissimilarity very clearly; before on her past picture, we could see that she has large nose bridge that fully expand all the way to her eyes area. But after then when you see her now, we could see that she is now bearing slimmer nose bridge with a pointy tip that makes her appearance more beautiful. With this very obvious dissimilarity, we know that she has a nose job done, and the result is perfect because now she looked more fabulous than before.

Keira Knightley Lips Surgery

Next, we could see the dissimilarity on her lips, before on her past picture we could see that she has thin lips that actually have a very appealing shape especially on her upper lips where it form a very thin smile line. But after then when you see her now, we could see that she now has fuller lips which transform the shape of her lips. With this very visible dissimilarity, we could say that she has done some lips surgery. We think that she inject some fillers to make her lips fuller especially on her upper lips where it looked larger than before.

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Keira Knightley Boob Job

On several occasion, Keira Knightley has talked about her breast that she think too small, especially for the entertainment industry standard. This is why she said that she wanted to have bigger breast size. But as you can see that there is not much difference in her breast size before and after. That is why we think that Keira Knightley has not done anything about it although she keeps thinking about doing surgery to them.

We think Keira Knightley is very brave to do such thing since she does not change her breast size until now. But that what makes us more curious about it, whether she will eventually do surgery for her breast or not. Especially since the surgery is the actually common thing to be done by someone in the entertainment industry. This is why many people secretly wait for Keira Knightley to do other surgery in the future.

Keira Knightley Statement About Plastic Surgery

Actually, many people have ask Keira Knightley about her opinion on plastic surgery. Regarding that matter, she said that she does not against plastic surgery and that she might do it in her old years when she need to do it to get rid of any aging sign. But when asked about whether she has done plastic surgery or not, she quickly dismisses the question and do not want to talk about it. From that statement that saying she does not mind doing any plastic surgery, we think that she might have done some surgery, but she still do not have the courage to admit it yet

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