Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery 2024

Carla Bruni is popular as Italian singer as well as a songwriter who already composed many songs and she also work as a model before. She was born at Italy in 1967, and it means she is already in her 48 right now. In her 40 there is no trace of aging at all which makes people questioned about the possibility of her having some plastic surgery. Does Carla Bruni plastic surgery issue is true? We do not know for sure since she never admitted it. When she asked about this rumor, she always denied about having one. But, truth to be told, many people already suspected about she went under the knife since her face looks unnatural. What about you? Do you believe or not about Carla plastic surgery? You can make your own conclusion after you read the news below.

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Carla Bruni Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Carla Bruni Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Carla Bruni had plastic surgery? We all have seen many celebrities have gone under surgeon’s knife and it is not unusual topic among them. Being a former first lady and not only celebrity, Carla who married Nicholas Sarkozy has a bigger issue regarding her plastic surgeries. You can tell whether Carla really has one by comparing her old pictures with her recent photos. There are some differences in her face if you can pay attention well.

What makes people more believe about Carla having plastic surgery is because her face really did not represent her real age right now. Women who approach 50 usually have fine lines, wrinkles, and their skins start to loosen up, but in Carla case, there is no trace about aging at all. Her face seems smoother and tighter for a woman who will approach 50. Because of this Carla get many critics from people, a lot of them say that Carla beauty is because of plastic therapy. When she asked about the rumor, she never admits it and says that her beauty and perfect body come from a healthy lifestyle and makeup.

What has Plastic Surgery Carla done?

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It looks like her youthful and fresh look is a combination of Botox and several fillers for her cheek, and lips. Moreover, Carla also suspected for collagen implants and facelift. But, her appearances now look unnatural, and it seems like her plastic surgeries done a bad result for her, even though her face looks smoother and tighter. Her face look tucked and nipped; fans said that they could clearly see the difference from her before after pictures. The expert said that Carla had done more than one cheek implant to make her look fresh and fuller. It looks like she wants to keep her model look.

Carla Bruni and Her life

We all know that Carla has high social class as a former first lady. Being the first lady, people will follow her fashion style, and she also will always be followed by paparazzi. From them, we can say that she wants to keep her role as trendsetter.

When she said that her appearances right now because of her makeup and maintained healthy lifestyle, many people just do not want to believe it. Fans can tell whether their idols or celebrities are having plastic surgery or not. Anyway, whatever she has done with her look we just hope that she will not become so addictive with plastic surgery just like any other celebrities who we always look. Indeed, plastic surgery not always bring better look because some celebrities even have an uglier look after they took plastic surgery. The plastic surgery makes their appearances unnatural from hair to toe. It is better to avoid plastic surgery because once you do it, then you will get addictive.

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