Tony Braxton Plastic Surgery 2024

Tony Braxton is a great American singer and also a songwriter who recently released her new book titled “Unbreak My Heart.” In her latest book, she revealed about her personal life from her regret and abortion, as well as about her plastic surgeries. We need to appreciate her honest confession since there are not many celebrities who want to admit if they have gone under surgery knife, just like Tony Braxton. In her biography book, you can read the reason why she decided to take plastic surgeries when she was young and so on. Let’s discuss it later in more detail explanation.

Tony Braxton Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Tony Braxton Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Tony Braxton Before And After Plastic Surgery

Tony Braxton was born at Maryland, USA in 1967. Besides being a popular singer and songwriter, she also gets some acknowledgment as an R&B queen. No wonder people called her as one of the divas. Now, let’s talk about her personal life. Toni Braxton married Keri Lewis, a musician, in 2001, and from her marriage, she was blessed with two children. Unfortunately, the couple decided to separate in 2009. In her new book, Tony also talks about her abortion and how she gets plastic surgery. Has Tony Braxton had plastic surgery?

Did Tony Braxton Have Plastic Surgery?

 Tony Braxton told her fans the reason behind her plastic surgeries. She said that she does not satisfied with her body shape, and besides that, she also felt some pressure as a public figure that got signed by two of the biggest names in the record industry; from that moment, she thought that she needed some surgery to fix her face.

From her confession, it is not surprising that Tony Braxton can feel like that because many people know what kind of Hollywood industry is. With such hard pressures, Tony may be feeling to make her appearance better to survive in that cruel world.

Tony Braxton Nose Job

Just like what she said, Tony Braxton has done nose job surgery. First, she maybe did not have admitted it before, but now she openly talks about it in her book. She feels uncomfortable with her nose shape, so she decided to take a nose job, making her large and wider nose change into more pointy and smaller. The plastic surgery works well for her, and the nose fits with her beautiful face.

Tony Braxton Breast Implant

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After she had done a nose job, the next plastic surgery that she had was a breast implant to increase her cup size. Her breast, indeed, looks larger and rounder compared to her previously small and flat chest. But the size is just too big, and it makes her appearance looks odd and unnatural. Later, she was also rumored to suffer from breast cancer, but she denied the rumor.

Tony Braxton Facelift and Botox Injection

Tony Braxton is also rumored to get a facelift procedure in order to maintain her youthful look. Her skins become smoother and look tighter. The Facelift makes her face free from aging signs and flawless. Experts and media also said that she takes Botox injections too, judging by her free wrinkled face. She has denied both these rumors and does not write about the procedures in her biography.

Tony Braxton Talk about Plastic Surgeries

She admitted that she had done a nose job and breast implant, but not for a facelift and Botox injection. She said that she became addicted to plastic surgery at that moment. Some people also said that she has gone under the knife for filler in her cheek, but we do not know whether the rumor is true or false. It is up to you to believe the rumor or not.

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