Kwanghee Plastic Surgery 2024

Plastic surgery is not an uncommon thing in South Korea; the one uncommon is when someone openly admitted that they have done plastic surgery. Especially when that someone comes from the entertainment industry, this should be a rare thing to do because they would be embarrassed when their fans know about their plastic surgery past. That is why when Kwanghee plastic surgery comes up from his own mouth, everyone has become shocked to hear it. Not because they do not know he did some plastic surgery in the past, but because now he has become a spoke person for a plastic surgery medical clinic. Has Kwanghee had plastic surgery?

Kwanghee Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Kwanghee Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Kwanghee Have Plastic Surgery?

Kwanghee had already admitted his surgery a long time ago; that is why he does not ashame when spoken about it. A few times when the plastic surgery subject comes up he friend even jokes about it.

Kwanghee nose job

There are a lot of Kwanghee old picture that you could find out there, and the change is so obvious so you would not recognize if that were Kwanghee before the plastic surgery happened. But first let us take a look at his nose; we could see that he has a very large nose with a little bump in the center of his nose. But now we could see that he has beautifully shaped nose which looked thinner and sharper. This is so obvious that he has done some nose job to change the shape of his nose. Regarding this, he once joked that when he do other nose surgery he wants to make his nose be more masculine looked.

Kwanghee eye surgery

Move on to his eyes there is some change in his old eyes that has a smaller size, especially on his eyelid that seems down to cover his eyes. But as you could see, now he has bigger eyes with double eyelid which open his eyes more than before. To be able to get such eyes, we think that he is done some eye surgery to change the shape of his eyes. Then he adds some eyelid surgery to create the double eyelid which becomes one of the standards in Korean beauty.

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Kwanghee lips surgery

Move on lower we could see on his old picture Kwanghee has bigger lips which point most to the center of his mouth. This might not consider as beautiful shape according to the entertainment standard of beauty. That is why he has changed his lips into smaller and thinner one with beautiful shape that adores his new face. For this change, we believe that he has done some surgery to change the shape of his lips completely. Especially on his upper lips so it would have a more beautiful shape that everyone love.

The Change of Kwanghee

Kwanghee is a very rare celebrity which openly admits that he has done a lot of plastic surgery before his debut time. It is, of course, something that he does not proud of, but he said that he has gain a lot of benefits after his plastic surgery, especially when he works inside the entertainment industry where the beautiful image has become the standard that everyone has to achieved.

Because of his openness about plastic surgery, there is one plastic surgery medical clinic that made Kwanghee as their spoke person. From there Kwanghee explains that it is very important for someone who wants to do plastic surgery to really know about the procedure that they want to do. He also shows that the medical clinic is open for question and that they will give the best service to their client.

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