Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery 2024

Who does not know Lauren Koslow? She is a popular American actress who plays in soap operas namely The Bold and the Beautiful. Besides that, she also performs in The Young and the Restless and already plays in several other television dramas. She was born in Massachusetts in 1953, which means she already in her 63. She married Nick Schillace in 1987, and she can keep her harmonious marriage life until now. Unfortunately, she has been rumored to have plastic surgery in order to alter her appearance better. Do you believe in this rumor?

Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Lauren Koslow Before And After Plastic Surgery

Lauren Koslow plastic surgery has become a hot topic when it reaches public ears. We all know that Lauren is already in her 60, and it is not surprising if she has gone under surgery knife to maintain her look. There are a lot of aging celebrities do the same thing to get rid of wrinkle and any aging signs. Lauren Koslow is a public figure who appears on television plus media, so maybe she wants to make her look better with a youthful and fresh look.

Did Lauren Koslow Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Lauren Koslow had plastic surgery? If you want to make sure whether Lauren Koslow has plastic surgery or not, then you can compare her before after pictures. After all, her face does not represent her real age. When we compare her age with her free wrinkle face, she has a beautiful face just like a woman in her 40. You cannot tell if she is 60 just by looking at her face. The good news is the plastic surgery results which she took to make her appearance better even if she starts to get aged.

Lauren Koslow Botox Injection Treatment

Botox offers a free wrinkle face for many celebrities. Botox become more and more popular, especially for aging celebrities who want to keep their youthful look, and it looks like Lauren also done it too. Her face has no sign of frown lines or wrinkles at all. It is impossible to happen because of her old age; in fact, we all know that women in her 60 should have aging signs, but it seems Lauren does not have it. The Botox works for her.

Lauren Koslow Facelift Surgery

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To complete her Botox treatment, Lauren also suspected of having a facelift. Her forehead maybe got a facelift because there are no fine lines whatsoever. The expert said that the facelift, which she has done, combined with some filler or injection like Botox or dermal filler. Moreover, the expert also said that she maybe get some injection for her lips due to her plump and juicy lips. Her lips look so sexy, and you can even compare it with Angelina Jolie’s lips. There is no way that women in her 60 can have an ageless face like that without any aid from cosmetic surgery.

Moreover, she also gossiped to have eyelift in order to get rid of some wrinkles around her eyes and, of course, the eye bags. Now, after you compare her before after pictures, what is your conclusion regarding Lauren’s plastic surgery?

Conclusion of Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery

Many people are not surprised if the beautiful American actress takes plastic surgery like Botox to maintain a youthful look because everyone does. They are, in fact, impressive that Lauren does not overdo it and can still look so natural. Her face is not frozen and botched, which proved that she did it in a safe amount. We all know that there are lots of celebrities which become the victim of plastic surgery and end with the unrecognizable look. Let us hope that Lauren does not end up like that in the future.

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