Lauren Conrad Plastic Surgery 2024

Lauren Katherine Tell, or maybe you know her more by her name Lauren Conrad was born at California in 1986, and she is already in her 32 years old. She just married in 2014 with her partner William Tell, a former musician. She is life as an American celebrity for her television performances, author, and also a fashion designer. She starts to gain popularity when she appears in some television series, namely Laguna Beach. This television program documented her life with her friends. After that, she still offered to join in other television series.

Lauren Conrad Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Lauren Conrad Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Lauren Conrad Before And After Plastic Surgery

Has Lauren Conrad had plastic surgery? Life as celebrities, of course, Lauren Conrad cannot run from media and paparazzi. Hot topics about Lauren Conrad plastic surgery also spread among fans and in the entertainment industry. Maybe yourself wonder whether Lauren really went under surgery knife or not, to make sure whether the plastic surgery rumor is true or false you can compare her before after pictures. There is a slight difference not only on her face but also her body. Can you tell me what kind of Lauran plastic surgery is?

Did Lauren Conrad Have Plastic Surgery?

When Lauren appears on some occasion, her look seems changes and looks unnatural. Her beautiful face makes everyone suspect that it is the result of cosmetic surgery. After her friend, Audrina Patridge, also done plastic surgery, the rumor about Lauren has done the surgery becomes stronger. When she asked about the rumor, she did not give a good response and deny it. But, judging by her look, we can tell that she was really done plastic surgery.

Lauren Conrad Breast Implant

The recent photos of Lauren show that if she has done breast implants in order to make her boobs rounder and bigger. Some media revealed that her bra cup before was 34 A, but after she has done breast implant, her bra cub become bigger to 34 C. You can see the difference by comparing her before after pictures when she was wearing an open-neck dress. Although a lot of people said that she is too young to do breast implant or boobs augmentation, this procedure is very popular among American celebrities. The procedure which she was done makes Lauren look sexier, and it seems the plastic surgery gives her the best result.

When Lauren is still in her 23, she ever asked by Billy Bush in some interview about whether she wants to do breast implant to make her boobs bigger. She is responded by admitting that she wants to have bigger boobs but with wonderbra and not plastic surgery. She also said that she maybe would take Botox in the future. What do you think about her interview regarding her opinion about breast augmentation after she is rumored to have boobs implant instead?

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Lauren Conrad Botox Injection

Even though Lauren Conrad is still in her young ages but it seems she also done Botox treatment. We all know that Botox is very popular especially for aging celebrities who want to get rid any aging signs such as frown lines and wrinkle. Lauren maybe start to afraid being aged and that is why she done Botox injection. You can see that there is no wrinkle or fine lines or whatsoever on her face. Unfortunately, the Botox makes her face look unnatural and frozen. Let us hope that Lauran does not do Botox again in the future just because she afraid for being aged.

Lauren Conrad Nose Job

You can see from her before after pictures that Lauren also has done nose job to make her nose smaller and pointy. Her nasal and tip look pinched and symmetrical. Before, we all know that her nose is wider and bigger. Besides nose job, Lauren also rumored to have a chin implant. You can see that her chin looks narrowed and balances.

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