Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery 2024

American disk jockey, Lala Vasquez, was born in New York in 1979. In her 35 years old, she already married and has one son called Kiyan Anthony. She not only works as a radio DJ with her sweet voice but also as an American actress plus television personality. She also appears in several television programs such as MTV and becomes VJ on there.

Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Lala Vasquez Before And After Plastic Surgery

Marrying a famous basketball athlete and become an actress makes Lala life cannot run from media and paparazzi. She has been rumored to take plastic surgery in order to change her face shape. Lala maybe has a naturally beautiful face, but it seems some part of her face still makes her are not satisfied so she wants to change it. Let’s take a closer look at what Lala has done to her face with surgical procedure.

Did Lala Vasquez Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Lala Vasquez had plastic surgery? Lala Vasquez plastic surgery once becomes a hot topic in media. She has been rumored to have cosmetic surgery on her face. You can judge it by comparing her old pictures with her recent photos, and you will see there is something different with Lala’s face. What kind of Lala plastic surgery which she has done?

Lala Vasquez Nose Job

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Lala has an exotic brown skin, larger and sharp eyes, plus beautiful long hair. But it seems she still does not satisfy with her nose shape. If you look at her before plastic surgery pictures, you can see that she has a wider and bigger nose, but now after she has gone under the knife, her nose seems to get smaller and pointy, especially on nose tip and nasal. She may not overdo the nose job surgery procedure because the edge part is rounder, and her nasal still a little larger. But, it may not be bothering her too much because the plastic surgery overall gives her a prettier look. Even though Lala Vasquez did not say anything about the possibility of her nose job or rhinoplasty, we can assume that Lala did it by comparing her before after pictures. Her nose job may be done by a top surgery because it looks perfectly match and fit with her face.

Conclusion of Lala Vasquez Cosmetic Surgery

Besides nose job, there is no other plastic surgery procedure that Lala may take because the media only said about her nose job. If you do not believe it, then you can tell by the look on her before after pictures. It seems the only one that changed is her nose job, and the rest part of her face still looks natural without any signs of other plastic surgery. We all know that Lala starts to appear often on television, and it is not surprising if the public figure wants to make her appearance better. She is maybe shy with her old look, and that is why she wants to change her nose shape just a little. In fact, there is a lot of celebrities that overdo plastic surgery and end with a botched face or frozen face, which looks painful. Luckily, Lala does not end like that and still can maintain her natural look.

Lala maybe starts to get aged because of she already in her 35. In this age, people intend to take cosmetic surgery like Botox, facelift, eye lift, filler, and injection in order to keep a youthful look. There is a lot of old celebrities done that, and let us hope that Lala follows those aging celebrities choice when she starts to get aged. She already had perfect genes by her though jawline and pretty eyes, so she does not need to go under surgery knife anymore.

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