Courtney Love Plastic Surgery 2024

To be an artist, it is important to have a high esteem so they could go on stage with pride and do well. Then again you should notice that there is some artist that does not have that; this is why most of them opt for something else. Then there is Courtney Love plastic surgery that we think happened for the same reason. We know that she has separated from her former husband, that is what we think Courtney Love low self-esteem. Then she is seeking for another way to make her esteem better, but sadly she use the wrong way.

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Courtney Love Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Courtney Love Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Courtney Love had plastic surgery? Courtney Love is a beautiful and attractive person, but she does not really notice that, which is why she done plastic surgery to cope with her feeling. It is said that she has done multiple surgery, which is why her face change so much it is unrecognizable anymore.

Courtney Love Nose Job

Now let us take a look at some of the changes that she is done to her face. We could see that she used to have a big nose with a little bit bumps and bent on her nose. But then she changes the shape of her nose to fix the bumps. We think the first surgery might do her well since she only alters it a little bit. But she might done another surgery to her nose to change the shape once again but that make the change more obvious and the shape of her nose became weird for her face. This is something that she should not have done since it makes other surgery in her face become more apparent.

Courtney Love Lip Injections

Next we could see that she has done something to change the appearance of her lips. We notice that she used to have smaller size lips, but it is still beautiful for her face. But then she might inject her lips since later on she has fuller lips, especially on her upper lips. This new appearance is still acceptable since it makes the lips looks sexy and appealing. Sadly she has done another injection to her lips. This last surgery is something that makes her lips looked too big, and it looks swollen. This is something that she should not have done since it makes her lips looked unnatural and ugly.

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Courtney Love Botox Injections

We know that she is now in her fifties, but she still beautiful even today. From her photos, we could see that Courtney Love has no wrinkle in her skin that makes her looked young. That is why we think that she used Botox to get rid of her wrinkle; actually it is a normal thing to do that since most artists have done that. But then what happened later is something that is not normal. We think that Courtney Love has used the Botox injection far too much, so her skin has lost its flexibility. That is why we could see that Courtney Love skin looked stiff and unnatural, which is a shape since she used to have a very beautiful skin.

Courtney Love Statement about surgery

After so much rumor and discussion about her plastic surgery, eventually, Courtney Love could not deny it anymore. That is why she then explains that she really did plastic surgery. She also admitted that she is done it too much, so the result has become something that she does not want for her face. That is why Courtney Love now looking for some help so that she could recover from her surgery and get back her old appearance.

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