IU Plastic Surgery 2024

Plastic surgery has been the part of women life especially when they live in the entertainment industry. They need to look beautiful, so they are willing to do anything to get all of the help needed to transform them into perfect beauty. And this kind of thing does not only happen in the American entertainment industry because Korean entertainment industry apparently also gains the same subject. That is the reason Korean actress and girl singer often gets allegation about plastic surgery including IU plastic surgery. She is really a beautiful girl, and her talent is also incredible, that is why many people pay a lot of attention towards her beauty.

IU Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

IU Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

IU Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did IU Have Plastic Surgery?

Has IU had plastic surgery? IU seems to have a lot of allegation on plastic surgery ever since she was debuting. That is why this kind of rumor is not something that gets to her mind too much, so she deals it with ease. However, the paparazzi still does not stop from pressing her about this question.

IU Nose Surgery

If you are IU fans, you would already know that she has a lot of problem with her self-esteem. This is because when she is young and have just done her debut many people sees her as someone who fat and overweight. But actually that is not true at all because IU has the right bodyweight, so she does not fat or overweight at all. But when compared to the other girl actresses who look very skinny she will look fat even though she is not fat at all.

With all kinds of pressure that she receives at that moment, she surely needs to do something to boost her self-esteem up; this is why she did this nose surgery to make herself feels prettier. We could say that it does her great deal because now she appears with beautiful look and pointy nose which she does not have when you looked at her debut picture where she appears with flat nose especially on her nose bridge.

IU Eye Surgery

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This kind of surgery actually has nothing to do with self-esteem because for most people in Korea even when they are not a celebrity, they want to get double eyelid which most Korean does not have. Furthermore, they also want to make their eyes appears bigger and larger since it would make them appears more beautiful than before. This is why IU also done eye surgery to achieve such result. And now we could see her with open eyes which looked larger and made her face appear more beautiful than before.

IU Jaw Surgery

For this rumor, it is stared when IU is caught up from leaving a clinic in disguise, which might be a usual thing for normal people. However since she actually a celebrity and the clinic that she comes out from is famous for their jaw surgery treatment, then this allegation comes up to her. Especially after people see that there is a change in her face shape because she appears thinner than what she used to be.

However, IU quickly denies the allegation because it is not true. According to her, the change on her face is not because of any surgery, but it is because of her diet process that makes her lose weight. Now that she has loose around 10 kilos of weight then the change is, of course, visible on her face, which is why the shape of her face changes to be thinner than before. Nevertheless, we see that IU has reached her perfect beauty that she want to have ever s

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