Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery 2024

Frances Bean Cobain work as a visual artist surely give her the inside view of what consider as beautiful by most people. That is why she needs to know the current trend of all things that might interest people. More importantly, if she wants to get more interest from other people for her current work. However, if she truly wants more attention, then she would also need to make herself more beautiful. Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery is the one that she chooses to make herself more beautiful.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

frances bean cobain plastic surgery

Frances Bean Cobain Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Frances Bean Cobain Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Frances Bean Cobain had plastic surgery? It seems that the choice to do plastic surgery for Frances Bean Cobain is made in a hurry, even in such young age the number of surgery that she has done is too much, that is why her appearance change dramatically. Luckily for her, the result of the change gives her positive outcome.

Frances Bean Cobain Lips Implant

This surgery might be one of the most notable plastics visual that Frances Bean Cobain has on her face. The reason is that the change is so dramatic it changes her old small thin line lips into plump lips size. Of course, we know why she wants to do the surgery since she now appears more sensual with her current lips shape. Even though some of her fans try to deny it, but we can be sure that she has used lips implant treatment to enhance her appearance.

Frances Bean Cobain Cheek Implant

Still not satisfied with only one implant on her face, now she touches her cheek with the same treatment. However this kind of surgery usually done by women that already in their fifties, then why she needs this surgery? The story started when she grows up into fine lady by losing a lot of weight that she has when she is younger. By losing weight, she is able to become more beautiful. However, it also means that she will get sunken cheek effect since now the fat on her cheek has gone. To cope with this problem, she uses cheek implant so her face would not appear old. This is why you will see her with the slim body but still have a protruding cheek.

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Frances Bean Cobain Nose Job

The high speculation comes up for her nose which changes dramatically in shape. She used to have bigger nose size with wide nose bridge that might not be suitable for the current trend. That is why she tries to change her nose shape by doing a nose job. You can see the result in her nose shape that has become pointier with narrower nose bridge. What makes us sure that she is really did nose surgery is that her mom Courtney Love had said in 2011 that she wants to do nose job but her mom does not agree so she does not do it then. However, it seems that now she was able to persuade her mom so she could do it.

Frances Bean Cobain Breast Implant

Like other women, Frances Bean Cobain surely wants to appear with a perfect body, which is why she needs to make her breast larger. You can see the result on her current breasts which appear larger than before. Furthermore, the shapes also appear rounder, and it becomes firmer which show that breast implant has been used to enhance her appearance.

All of those surgeries that Frances Bean Cobain did have really changed her appearance dramatically. Luckily for her, the change only gives beautiful result, and there is not even one that botched.

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