Sharon Osborne Plastic Surgery 2024

Sharon Osborne is a British Actress, popular as host, author, and judges for X-Factor show. She was born at London in 1952, and now she is already in her 61. Moreover, she is Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, the famous rocker musician and from him, she has three children namely Aimee, Kelly, and Jack Osbourne. In her recent autobiography, Sharon Osborne admitted about her having several plastic surgeries. She said that during her career she already done plastic surgeries to change the facial shape and to maintain her youthful look. In some show, she also told the MC that she has been under surgeon’s knife several times and not only for the facial part but also other body parts. Because of this, she said to herself and promise that she will never to do plastic surgeries anymore.

Sharon Osborne Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Sharon Osborne Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Sharon Osborne Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Sharon Osborne Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Sharon Osborne had plastic surgery? If you are curious about the Sharon plastic surgery and her confession about her past plastic surgery you can read in her last autobiography called Unbreakable. From her autobiography, you can learn about Sharon career and how she did cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. If you are fans, then you must be following her career and can see the difference during her past career and her appearance now. Let’s take a look at the proof that she really did the plastic surgery to make up her body.

Sharon Osborne Facelift Surgery

There are lots of actresses that done plastic surgery to keep fresh look and Sharon also the one who do it. People already familiar with her news about facelift surgery. You can see that even though she is already in her 62, her facial skin represents 45 or 50 years old look. Before she has a lot of wrinkle because of the aged process, but now she free from wrinkle and her skins seem a bit tighter and smooth. What makes people shock that she not only done facelift surgery for once but she also does it several times. She has flawless skin and wrinkle free face.

Sharon Osbourne in Graham Norton Show – Vagina Plastic Surgery

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In Graham Norton Show as the guest, Sharon Osbourne admits or rather “joke” about herself having a designer vagina. She admits that she did plastic surgery to make her vagina tighter. But when she asked again regarding her own confession suddenly she said it was a joke. She also told Howard Stern that she said that as a funny joke. Well, we do not know for sure whether her “joke” is true or not. You can make your own conclusion.

Sharon Osbourne and Several Past Plastic Surgeries

Sharon admits several past plastic surgeries that she was done. In 1978 for example, she was done a breast reduction. Later, she also did liposuction on her belly, legs, and arms. Moreover, still did not stop she also revealed having neck lift to tighten it a bit and some lip injection to make her lip looks juicy and plump. She said that she spent money about more than 120,000-pound sterling just for plastic surgery.

Anyway, she said that she will not do it anymore because her family especially her husband, Ozzy. It looks like her husband does not want to look his wife to take some plastic surgery anymore. She also gives an example of Sharon Jocelyn, who has several wrong plastic surgeries which make her looks unnatural. She compared herself with Sharon Jocelyn and added that at least she is not too addicted to plastic surgery and ended just like Sharon. We all know about Sharon plastic surgery addiction which resulted in her unnatural appearances. Let us hope Sharon also does not ended with that habit and can keep her promise not to take plastic surgery anymore.

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