Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery 2024

If you like K-Drama then you must know about Korean actor Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin is well known for his roles in many Korean dramas such as Secret Garden, and My Name is Kim Sam-soon. He was born at Seoul in 1982 which means he is in his 32 right now. As popular Korean celebrity, he also gets several issues and rumors from his love life to plastic surgery news. Many people assumed that Hyun Bin had done plastic surgery in order to make his appearances better by changing his face shapes. A lot of fans surprised with this news since before the Hyun Bin plastic surgery spreads the actor already popular because of his handsome look and now why he needs to do plastic surgery?

Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Hyun Bin Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Hyun Bin Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Hyun Bin had plastic surgery? It is not for the first time that Korean celebrity issued with plastic surgery rumor like Hyun Bin. We all know that plastic surgery in Korea is so popular not only among celebrities or entertainment people but also in society. Korea is one of the countries that get acknowledgment as plastic surgery country. You can easily do plastic surgery, and of course, the result is very good, and you even do not need to spend much money. Therefore, we can conclude that the rumor of Hyun Bin cosmetic surgery is possible. You can compare his recent pictures with his old photos and see the difference on his face shape.

Hyun Bin News about Plastic Surgery Rumor

Hyun Bin is known for his handsome face and his great acting in several dramas. He has rumored for having a nose job and jaw surgery.

Hyun Bin Nose Job

People suspect that Hyun Bin has done nose job plastic surgery because his nose seems smaller and pointy than before. You can compare his before after pictures and see the difference on his nose bridge that becomes narrower. Is it really just makeup? Or maybe because of the effect of lose some weight? We do not know for sure regarding this issue.

Hyun Bin Jaw Line Surgery

Hyun Bin also rumored for having jawline plastic surgery. On his old pictures you can see that his jaw is larger and rounder, but now on his recent photos, his jaw seems smaller and more pronounced. Surely the plastic surgery that he has done make his face looks more handsome than before.

Hyun Bin Fans Reaction Regarding His Plastic Surgery Rumor

Until now there is no official statement from Hyun Bin himself about his plastic surgery. He does not admit if he has plastic surgery. Fans also have different opinions about this rumor. Some people believe the Korean actor really went under surgery knife and other people assume that Hyun Bin face looks different because of his weight loss. Which one do you believe? We all know that by compare his before after pictures Hyun Bin seems to lose some weight and maybe it made his face looks smaller. If this the truth then his changed facial shape maybe because of healthy lifestyle and of course great makeup.

Although, many people assume Hyun Bin did not do plastic surgery, but Korean people themselves really like to done plastic surgery. It is hard to believe then if Hyun Bin does not do plastic surgery in order to make his face looks more handsome. He is still young, and many fans also hope that he does not need to do plastic surgery and even though he starts to get aged in the future let us hope he will never take plastic surgery just to maintain youthful look just like many celebrities or actors do.

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